About Outlands

UO Outlands is a free-to-play Ultima Online shard set in the T2A era launching on October 27, 2018 after nearly 3 years of development and more than a year long intensive beta period. Our mission from the onset has been to create a version of Ultima Online which enhances every aspect of gameplay, creating a shard which we believe emulates how Ultima Online should have always been had it stayed the course.

Outlands is hosted professionally on a top of the line machine with redundant cloud backups and the fastest connection available to us. The server location has been chosen to allow players from across the globe to make Outlands their home, with low ping from the Americas, Europe, and parts of Asia.

Login: play.uooutlands.com
Port: 2593
Location: Chicago, USA
Accounts per IP: 3
Characters per Account: 5
Houses per Account: 1
Skill cap: 700
Statcap: 225
Ruleset: Felucca

As a development team, our main goal from the beginning has been to create a place for you, our players, to play for the long term. We know from experience that there is nothing more frustrating than investing your limited time and energy into a server only to have it closed on you, or the population move on.

We have created Outlands as a place for players to enjoy the Golden Years of this great game, for the next 5, 10, 15 years and beyond. Why would we develop a shard for 3 years to only shutter it in a year, or even worse: wipe your hard earned characters? It is our hope that you will make Outlands your home, and you will bring your friends and guildmates to experience a new world with unique, rejuvenated Ultima Online gameplay.

Read on for more info.. We can’t wait to see what adventures you will experience!

Our custom patcher makes logging in easier than ever before.

Outlands features auto-account creation, so simply Download our installer and pick your assistant of choice (Razor or Steam), and login! Make sure to remember your account details. Because Outlands is a highly customized gaming world featuring a brand new map, new monster animations, new clothing items, custom hues and more, we have made the installation process as easy as possible. Simply download our installer, choose your install
directory, and away you go!

A huge part of the custom nature of our shard allows us to do many amazing things: new content all the time, sweeping changes to the landscape as cause and effect events occur, or new event areas: The IPL allows you to stay up to date without the tedious task of downloading files and adding them to your Ultima Online directory by hand.

All new players start in Shelter Island, our new player zone, which also provides access to the New Player Dungeon.

If you haven’t taken part in a shard launch before, now is your chance to be a part of freeshard history! Outlands’ launch is arguably the most anticipated freeshard launch of all time, having already garnered thousands of interested players. Be among the first to form a guild, place a house, conquer a dungeon, kill one of your fellow adventurers, or master a skill. There is nothing quite like the rush of logging in with hundreds of other players for the first time, all on equal footing. How will you decide what to do first? Everyone will be a new player during launch week, so make sure you join us to experience the rush of a new shard in a new world!

Our beta Discord reached 1500 days before our launch announcement.

Outlands has been in open beta for 16 months, and in that time we have built a strong and helpful beta community. Our Discord and Forums are active and healthy, in addition to our beta server being constantly populated. This has provided us the opportunity to hire Support Staff from within our own community who are aware of all of our unique customizations, and also serves as the foundation for the upwards growth of Outlands.

With over 1500 people in Discord prior to a launch announcement being made, all signs point to a successful launch!

Our forums run the latest XenForo software which makes taking part in the community a breeze.

Our community numbers continue to grow daily, and we’re proud of the community we have fostered. We have multiple channels in Discord for various topics of conversation so you can find the information you need.

Our wiki continues to be filled with content so you can have a reference for new systems and find answers in your search for finite details. Our forums and website both have mobile functionality so you can stay up to date with Outlands wherever you are, on all of your devices.

You can find those resources here:
Website: www.uooutlands.com
Forums: forum.uooutlands.com
Wiki: uooutlands.com/wiki (work in progress)
Discord: discord.uooutlands.com

Our donation shop ingame features cosmetic items and enhancements only.

Outlands is committed to never being a Pay to Win shard. This means that no amount of donation will ever buy you: ingame currency, skill advancement or any significant advantage over another player. You can’t buy skill balls or starter packs here!

To put it bluntly: We have chosen to reward the grind, not your bank account!

Outlands does have a donation shop, but within it are cosmetic only items such as never before seen clothes (like new masks), new hair styles and unique hues. Donating to the shard will grant players Prevalia Coins which can be used to purchase items ingame. The rewards may be limited, so be sure to stock up while you can! Your donations go to supplement the operating costs of the shard. Our staff don’t get paid: this is a labor of love!

You may recognize some elements of our world, but for the most part, the old idols are dead.

Many of us have been longing for an Ultima Online experience that captures the feelings we experienced when we first played the game, 20 years ago. Many shards have come and gone in the meantime, but we don’t think they captured that essence: their visuals were all over the place, their content incohesive, the balance askew, and because of this, very few have managed to capture the mix of players that were essential in creating the community, and making it feel like a living, breathing world.

Outlands is different, and we think the very premise of not knowing where hotspots will be, or what town will be the capital is an enticing one for any player with a love of the game.. getting lost again for the first time.

While it may resemble Britannia in some aspects, the map is brand new, leaving hours of exploration ahead of you.

The first thing you’ll notice when you login is that you’re not in Britannia anymore! Our world is called Avadon, and we think you’ll like it here. The Outlands world map is fully custom and has been in development for over 7500 hours, meticulously created by Outlands co-founder Owyn with generous contributions from around the UO community.

The map features 7 new cities, 8 3-level dungeons and over 150 points of interest, all of which are uniquely spawned with custom monsters. You may recognize some pieces from the original map which have been revitalized and enhanced, but we assure you that you’ve never seen an Ultima Online map like this before. At roughly 50% of the size of the original UO map, player interactions should also happen more frequently – but don’t fret, we have nearly the same amount of room for housing as the original map.. And if we ever need more, creating new land is easy.

The Infernal Knight in Inferno is one of the most challenging monsters on Outlands.

In addition to an entirely new overworld, the underworld has been recreated as well! Outlands features 8 brand new dungeons, ranging from a spider infested Jungle Temple to an abandoned mine with hard hitting Gem Elementals.

In addition, dungeons are no-mount zones, and no-recall zones. There is no recall/mark/gate in dungeons overall, however we use a unique moongate system which is as follows: golden moongates are found within the front half of each dungeon’s Level 1. You can recall/mark/cast gate within 8 tiles of these moongates. Level 2/3’s have red moongates which act as an “escape hatch.” (generally 1 or 2, but in some cases more as in Inferno which is massive.)

We already have more dungeons waiting in the wings, so there will always be a new adventure awaiting you and your party!


Our arena system is fully automated, allowing you to choose from a variety of pre-set rulesets and join scheduled tournaments.

Following in the footsteps of some iconic PvP shards, Outlands throws it back to a time where hally mages hit hard and cast quickly. At its core, the PvP is a loose hybrid of T2A and UOR mechanics, with T2A being predominant. This means: insta-hit, precasting, heal through poison, rebalanced spell disrupts and disarm. You won’t find stun or heat seeking purple potions on Outlands which we think makes for a much faster-paced and skill based PvP experience.

The Arena System allows you to set the rules, achieve a ranking, view your match stats, and take part in weekly Automated Tournaments for a chance at Unique Arena Rewards.


Camping allows for magic free travel to unlocked destinations, making it a valuable skill addition to any template.

Gone are the days when players would bypass skills because they served no use. On Outlands, one of our major development goals are to give a purpose to skills you never would have touched before. Camping? Allows you to travel around the map without magic and increases your carrying capacity. Spirit Speak? Grants players stronger Summons, facilitating a true “Summon Mage” PvM template. Begging? Convince NPC crew members to join your ship’s crew.

…and many more! Needless to say, there are tons of new templates to try!


A player in complete Shadow Aspect gear is mounted on an Arena mount token.

There is a community of players who prefer the unmounted PvP experience, so we have decided to make a compromise: there are no mounts allowed in dungeons, and half of all Faction Struggles are unmounted. To facilitate this easily, when you are mounted and enter into a dungeon, your mount is magically stored on your character. When you exit, you remount your character seamlessly. No clicking, no shrink potions, no hitching posts or tokens. Just run in, run out. The same functionality applies to Faction battles.

We think this is the perfect solution!


A player takes on Infernus, the boss in Inferno dungeon, dodging pinwheels of fire.

There are hundreds of never before experienced monsters on Outlands, all of which have custom AI and behaviors for you to learn. Some throw their guts at you, others explode on death, and others work in teams. Needless to say, this adds some spice to the game experience! In addition to the new AI, we also have new artwork and sprites creating some new, literally never before seen monsters. Check out the Chaos Knights in Aegis Keep, or the Fungaloids in Mount Petram.

These experiences aren’t just limited to the dungeons, either. Every point of interest is custom spawned as well. This ensures that your adventures will be as fresh and new as possible, at every turn!


The Honor shrine has become corrupted!

Every dungeon has a mini-boss and major boss encounter which are the most challenging yet most rewarding monster encounters you can experience! We suggest getting a group together and tackling them as they will certainly pose a challenge to even the most experienced adventurers.

Outlands has done away with the original Champion Spawn system and replaced it with our brand new ‘Corrupted Shrine’ system. Each shrine throughout the world can become corrupted, at which time sequential waves of monsters will spawn which culminates in a Shrine Boss spawning. Depending on how much damage you do to the Shrine Boss, you will be rewarded with an Ankh Token which will provide you with a random prize, ranging from gold to the hardest to find magical weapons.

We anticipate all boss encounters to be highly contested!


If you’re a murderer, upon death you will be presented with your resurrection options.

After 20 years of Ultima Online, we decided to re-imagine the murder system, putting an economic penalty on players rather than a time penalty: thus, Outlands does NOT have stat-loss!

As usual, players earn Murder Counts for killing Blue players and being reported by the affected player. Every “Murder Count” a murderer receives contributes to their Lifetime Murder Counts, which never decay. Any player with 5 of more murder counts is known as a Murderer and becomes Red – and feared throughout the lands! Players with more than 5 Murder Counts who die by any means will have to make a Murderer Penalty Choice when resurrecting and suffer one of two available penalties: no hostile actions for 24 hours and pay a tithe on your Lifetime Counts, or pay 500gp per murder count beyond your base of 5. Your Lifetime Counts are taxed at 25gp per count.

A faction struggle between Order and Chaos factions, taking place in one of thirty locations across the map.

There are three factions vying for supremacy on Outlands: Order, Chaos and Freedom, with the third faction – freedom – offering incessant warfare, even with members of your own faction. In addition to normal faction warfare, faction struggles – huge battles over territory – take place three times a day, to suit players across the globe.

Taking place in 30 specific locations across the map, and specified as either mounted or unmounted, faction struggles reward players and teams are rewarded with points for territory capture and slaying enemies.


Like all the other menus, the guild menu has been remade. It can be accessed by typing [guild ingame!

One of the most important parts of Ultima Online is the guild system, which has long been ignored. We felt there was a tremendous amount of functionality missing from the system, so we set out to re-create it from the ground up.

Our mission in doing this was to give guilds a reason to work together. Now, guilds can gain Prestige Points for taking part in activities around the world, such as Killing a Dungeon Boss or taking part in a Faction Battle! In addition, you can set Guild Hues, the location of your Guild House, choose a unique Guild Symbol and much more!

Prestige Points can be used to activate Guild Favors, such as a vendor rebate or increased loot in certain dungeons. The more active your guild is, the more rich and prosperous you will all become. United for good… or evil!


A character wears a full set of Fire Aspect Gear in the Inferno dungeon.

The Aspect Mastery system allows players to gain experience and work towards creating the ultimate set of armor and weapons, tailored to your individual playstyle. Choosing from 10 different Aspects, ranging from Fire to Poison, players can summon massive damage and special effects for major PvM domination!

The Aspect System uses Magical Weapons as fuel to keep things charged, and as you use your gear you gain Aspect Experience. As your experience grows, so does your power!

Ultimately an endgame system, Aspect gear will surely become your go-to for high end content. Don’t worry (too much) about dying in it: Aspect gear is blessed once every 24 hrs, and your Aspect Experience is linked to your character, not to the gear. (Aspect Gear functions as normal GM gear in PvP)

The Skill Mastery menu is accessible through the Help menu.

The powerscroll system has been replaced by Skill Mastery, which allows you to gain certain skills to 120.

Using the Skill Mastery system, you can raise your overall skill cap to 720. Skill Master Orbs increase the Total Skill Cap by 1 point, while Skill Mastery Scrolls increase an individual Skill Cap by 1 point.

Skill Master Scrolls and Orbs drop in monster loot, in Dungeon chests and via Treasure Maps.


A sample of houses which will be available for placement on Outlands.

Outlands doesn’t have the AoS custom housing system, but in its place we’ve created over 125 new custom houses, ranging from brand new East facing 7×7 houses with new never-before-seen tilesets, to massive 30×30 compounds with courtyards you can recall into. If you’re a diehard fan, the classic houses (like castles) still exist, however we think you will like the new options much better.

In addition to the new houses, the Housing Menu has also been redesigned and a few new Quality of Life features have been added, such as an indicator notifying you (and your guildmates or party members) exactly where is preventing your house from being placed.


One of the lore books about Aegis Keep holds many secrets and explanations for the Strange creatures within!

A rich, ever changing world that comes complete with depth, history and a creation story, and a staff team which understands the value of the Roleplaying community as a strong foundation for any shard.

Meet the Cast of Characters as they intertwine in your day to day Events, and build your story around theirs. Ongoing quest arcs driven by you with support from the staff to bring your visions and play experience to life. Find lore pages scattered throughout the world and decipher them to understand the history of a certain town, dungeon, monster or timeline. The world is so incredibly detailed that you may just be inspired to write a tale or two of your own.


Keeps track of your gameplay progress, and shop with your rewards.

We like to reward individual gameplay, so we have setup a ton of individual goals for you to achieve, ranging from gaining skills to taming a variety of creatures. You can use your Achievement Points to purchase rewards like Mastercrafting Diagrams, Skill Mastery Orbs or Mount Tokens.

The Enhancement System is a major goldsink and allows you purchase things like a 6th Character Slot, increased Bank Box limits, or gnarly death effects! Players can also unlock Emotes through Emote Deeds, which are acquired through the Achievements Rewards system.

Other fun things include Spell Hues, which alter the color of a players casted spell, and are acquired from a variety of sources in the form of a Spell Hue Deed.


A unique fishing location and a players ship;! Ahoy!

One of our developer’s signature systems is the Naval System, which has been widely imitated, but nothing touches this iteration (3.0!) which is massively expanded upon and incredibly in depth. In addition to High Seas smooth sailing, the lawless oceans of Avadon are swarming with threatening NPC ships with advanced AI, and players ready and waiting to lay siege to your vessel. Will you choose to be a mercenary or a pirate? Or simply a lowly fisherman? The choice is yours!

Ships are now player-crafted and can be enhanced in various ways, including a range of hues, support crew members, unique attacks and effects. Fishing has also seen a massive overhaul, including new fish, custom fishing spots and a leaderboard to record the biggest catch!


The river runs red in Corpse Creek, said to be caused by an overflow of grief..

While you would traditionally flock to Buccaneer’s Den if you were a murderer on the original map, Outlands has created a new haven for murderers: Corpse Creek, where the river runs red with grief. Located in the Northwest corner of the map at the foot of Mount Petram lies a haven for those who are seeking to leave society behind. Nearby is the Chaos shrine.. Need we say more?

All who step foot in Corpse Creek run the risk of a deviant encounter. Similarly with those on the sea: there is nowhere safe, so be en guarde!


Double click your tool,, target yourself, and let the game take care of the rest!

Outlands has set out to modernize some aspects of gameplay, and at the top of the list is a system we call “Smart Harvest.” Simply equip your harvesting tool of choice and target yourself. The game will automatically search around you to find available nodes to harvest from. This will save you many monotonous clicks!

Smart Harvest works for all harvesting skills: Mining, Lumberjacking, Fishing and Skinning.

All skills (but not crafting, harvesting and taming) benefit from an Active Skillgain Bonus, meaning if you have killed a creature (not summoned or tamed) within the last 10 minutes, you will gain skills at 5x the usual rate. This means that actively playing is 5x faster than macroing!


The hall of Society Masters in Prevalia is home to the six Society Masters, where you can receive your contracts every week.

Outlands doesn’t have a Bulk Order Deed system, but don’t worry: it has been replaced with something we think is much more exciting!

Every week, the Society Masters in Prevalia will offer jobs to players to take to task. There are 6 Societies ranging from hunting, crafting to seafaring adventures, so you’re sure to find something to suit your character and play style. You have the entire week to finish your jobs and can take up to 10 each week, depending on how ambitious you are. Upon completion of your task, you can return your contract to your Society Master for Society Points, which can be used to purchase unique rewards such as highly coveted Mount Tokens and unique hues which have been assigned to each Society.


The Phoenix is a 4 slot, 120 Taming pet which has epic AOE abilities.

Taming is another system which has seen a massive overhaul, making it far more interactive than your usual taming system. With over 125 pets to choose from, there is something for everyone!

When you use your pets they will gain Experience, which tallies towards leveling your pets to Level 10. Every other level allows you to choose unique Traits and increase Skill and Stat values. The new Animal Lore Gump provides valuable information and easy display of your current chosen traits and stats. All pets Bond to their owners once they hit Level 1 and can be resurrected upon death.

Who will you choose to adventure around the world with you?

A sample of the rarest hues available from the Mount Breeding system..

As an addition to the taming system, tamers can now breed mounts in search of darker and rare hues.

Every mount which spawns in the wild is assigned a gender, and the lightest hue of each range. Mount breeding takes place in your home associated with a special Mount Breeding feed trough, and requires a male and female mount of a similar species. Crossing two different colored mounts can result in a 50% chance of any hue from either parents hue range, and a chance at a rare hued baby. The goal being: mounts only spawn in the lightest hues in the wild, so to get darker hues you need to breed them. To get a rare hue, you need persistence!


A sneak peak at the new plant menu.

The plant system has been rebuilt from the ground up and now requires the TasteID skill to determine various values. Plants require Heat (from a lightsource nearby), Water and Soil to grow properly. The rarity of the seed determines how much total growth is needed; common seeds grow quickly in optimal conditions, extremely rare seeds take more time. Seeds will be loot items, reward items or dropped at events. We have added over 50 new plant artworks so the possibilities are endless!


The Help Menu now serves as the mainframe for accessing multiple menus and features, such as the ability to set your title and purchase gold sink rewards.

After 20 years of Ultima Online, things were starting to lose their cohesive visual appeal. We have taken it upon ourselves to modernize every menu ingame into one cohesive, easy to view style.

Not only does this identify the shard from a visual sense, it also adds some cool features, such as highlighting which items will provide you with the greatest chance to gain a skill, through to our World Atlas which will guide you through our new map onto your next adventure.


New hairstyles and hues will fashion the people of Outlands, but fear not: no neons!

You won’t find any neon hues here: over 60 new hues created specifically for Outlands are available to players as various System rewards and as Cloth Drops on monsters, allowing you to hunt for your favorite hue. We have also added over 150 new, never before seen clothing items which finally gives the Tailoring skill some much needed expansion, in addition to giving us content to trickle out for various other purposes. Players will also have the ability to don 10 new hair styles (for men and women) and 6 new beards for men! Simply visit the Stylist in Prevalia to choose from various ways to re-skin your character.