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TEST SHARD: Guild and PvP Patch Testing

With several test sessions completed, as well as player feedback, the upcoming MASSIVE Guild and PvP Patch has been updated. Read the official forum post for more information and make sure to log into the Test Shard to evaluate the patch. To log into the Test Shard, change your settings to: Server: test.uooutlands.com Port: 2593 […]

PATCH: August 15 – King’s Faire Updates, Treasure Maps, Regions and More

Please click the title above to review the patch notes.

EVENT UPDATE: King’s Faire FREE PLAY DAY Added & More!

Here is the latest update on the King’s Faire schedule, and clarification on Limited Edition Items: The Faire will be split into two weeks, at which point all scores will reset and start anew. At the end of Week 1 and Week 2, King’s Faire Champions will be awarded their prizes.   Week 1: August […]

VIDEO: The King’s Faire Opening Ceremony

The King and Queen of Prevalia welcomed Outlanders with the Opening Ceremony into the King’s Faire. The royal couple participated in carnival style games, mingled with the crowd and even lit up the sky with a fireworks show for the ages! Click below to watch the video!  

VIDEO: The King’s Faire Announcement – Opening Ceremony on August 10th at 2pm EST

The King’s Faire will be held from August 10-25, 2019. The Opening Ceremony will commence at the Prevalian Harbor, located southeast of the main bank, at 2pm EST! Watch the video below for more information!  

VIDEO: Shard Happens v5: Community Clips Edition

With over 40 Twitch streamers featured in this video, you will see why “Shard Happens.”