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What is PvP Like on Outlands?

Outlands has a few ways to participate in PvP that cater both to the individual player and to a group/guild.   The Arena   Outlands has a customized area on the map specifically for Arena fighters and spectators. The arena features 9 dueling pits of various tile sets, with pit sizes capable of accommodating 1v1, […]

Are There Custom Houses?

Housing Types   There are no player-made custom houses, as those houses often end up being in poor taste, or are just dirt rectangles. To replace that, Owyn has created over 125 unique housing designs of varying sizes that will satisfy most tastes and desires. The houses range from small 1-room humble abodes to massive […]

Is There a Difference Between the Weapon Types?

Weapon Types   As with everything else on Outlands, there are some neat custom aspects to the different weapon types here. There are 5 different weapon types on Outlands:   – Archery – Fencing – Mace Fighting – Swordsmanship – Aspect Weapons   Each weapon type with the exception of Aspect weapons has a base […]

This Map is Amazing, But I am Lost. Is There a Map?

The Atlas   Every character on Outlands starts with an Outlands Atlas in their backpack. The Atlas can show you the entire world of Avadon, the locations of places relative to where you are, a local map, and even provide you guidance on how to get somewhere.   For instance, if you wanted to know […]

What Clients Can I Use? Sallos? Orion?

Supported Clients   – Steam – Razor – ClassicUO – Classic   The classic client, Steam, and Razor, are all supported and installed as a part of the Outlands Installer. There is also a custom Outlands exclusive ClassicUO fork being developed by Jaedan and Karasho, which while functional, is not complete. Orion is not supported. […]

Is it Just Me, or do Monsters Not Drop Much Gold?

Longevity   Outlands has taken a long term approach to game design. We want this server to be around for years to come. One of the ways to do that is to give the player challenging end game goals that will take some investment in order to achieve.     Economy   Here are some […]