Does Outlands Have Any Custom Content?

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Outlands has way more customized content than could ever fit into a simple FAQ. Here is just a sample of the systems that have been tailor made, updated, or completely remade exclusively by Luthius, the Outlands developer:


Ships and Naval Combat              Seeds and Plant Growing          Weekly Quests called Societies

Aspect Gear                                  Achievements                            Server Rankings

Character Titles                            Brand new Art                           Unique Monsters

Reimagined Skill Use                   Damage Tracker                        Redesigned Treasure Hunting

Corrupted Shrines                         Modernized Menus                   Damage Tracker

Guild System                                Mount Breeding                        Lore Notes

Trap and Lockpick System           Player Customization                Resource Maps

Skill Mastery                                Murderer System                       Fishing System

Paragons                                       Slayer Items                               Faction Struggles

Custom loot drops                        Anti-botting controls                 Custom Levelable Tameables



The Map


…And not to mention the completely customized map, containing tons of points of interest, that has over 7500 hours of work put into it by Owyn!

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