What Era of Gameplay is Outlands? Are there Mounts?

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Outlands does not have a set ‘era’ of gameplay, however many of the PvP mechanics are tailored to a T2A style Felucca rule set. There is no trammel on Outlands, but we do recognize the steep learning curve that Ultima offers, and understand the importance of fostering a good first impression. To that end, Shelter Island is an aggression-free zone to provide new Ultima players, or players new to the server, an ability to gain some footing before entering the merciless wilds.


Shelter Island has a large amount of protections in place to prevent abuse, including a New Player Dungeon and vendors that are only accessible by [young] players.


Town killing will not work altogether, although stealing will still function within town. You are fair game anywhere else outside of guarded zones.




While dungeons contain creatures with heavier gold sacks, there is an added level of danger within them. On Outlands, there is no recalling into our out of dungeons, with the exception of a few golden moongates near the entrances of the first level of a dungeon. The only escapes from a dungeon are the way you came in, or red moongates found sparsely (typically 1 per level) on levels 2+.


Outlands aspires to recreate that old dungeon crawling experience, and we recommend you bring a friend! You will certainly need the help for the dungeon bosses and mini-bosses.




Outlands has a wide variety of mounts, including a mount-breeding system for those who want that super rare hue! Mounts function in towns, overland, and in half of faction struggles (PvP events).


Mounts do not function within dungeons, subterranean areas, or in half of faction struggles.


Mounting and unmounting when entering mount-prohibited areas is seamless. Your mount will “Find a place to graze on grass” when entering an area where mounts are not allowed, and will reappear (with you mounted) when exiting.


Mechanics you will find on Outlands:


   Instant weapon hit          Partial heal through poison          Precasting


   Spell damage delays       Altered poison cure rates             Hamstring


   Quick weapon switch     Rebalanced Spell Disrupts           Disarm



In addition to the entirely new, hand-crafted map – you will venture into a variety of customized thematic dungeons, tour vibrant unique towns, and explore the many individual points of interest.


Mechanics you will NOT find on Outlands:


   Necromancy                              Ninjitsu                              Bushido


   Magic Jewelry                           Chivalry                             Fast Casting


   BODs                                         8×8                                    Player-made Housing


   Stuns                                         AoS Items                          Heat-Seeking Potions



Some of the mechanics above have all new customized content as alternatives, such as Societies and over 125 original housing designs available for purchase. Please see the ‘Does Outlands Have any Custom Content?’ section for more information!

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