PATCH: March 16

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St. Patrick’s Day

  • Added Shimmer Shamrock cloth (hue 2664) to the Prevalia Market Merchant as a very limited-time cloth this weekend
  • We will be doing a small St. Patrick’s day event on Monday the 18th

Aspect Gear

  • Players are now allowed to keep one Aspect Weapon, one Aspect Spellbook, and one Aspect Armor set in their bank (without it losing it’s aspect)
  • If a player activates another aspect, however, any stored aspect item in their bankbox of that same type (weapon/spellbook/armor set) will lose it’s aspect

Faction Struggles

  • The effective “Zone” for each Faction Struggle now is its respective entire town guard zone (players are considered to leave a Faction Struggle area now when leaving the town)
  • Players who are participating in a Faction Struggle should no longer be able to perform any Harmful/Beneficial actions against non-Participants and vice versa (unless the target player is Criminal)
  • Added a 5 minute post-Faction Struggle threshold for Murderers not to be guardwhacked while in that respective town
  • Players who spawn at a Respawn zone (and not a Capture Zone) will appear at the location hidden, along with their followers, and will not make a “spawn” sound

Corpse Creek Contest

  • Fixed an issue where players in houses were counting as valid participants for control in the Corpse Creek Contest
  • Changed the text hue of the “A Corpse Creek Contest has begun”
  • Added an aditional notification 5 seconds after a Faction Struggle ends notifying players that a Corpse Creek Contest will begin shortly

Murderer Resurrection

  • Fixed an issue where Murderer players weren’t receiving the Murderer Resurrection Gump upon resurrection (was always treating player as having been killed in a “Ress Penalty Free Zone”)
  • Fixed an issue where Murderers resurrecting sometimes wouldnt receive their required Account Aggression Restriction

Account Aggression Restriction

  • Players who have an Account Aggression Restriction in place can no longer cast any harmful summons (Blade Spirits / Energy Vortex), harmful field spells (Fire Field, Poison Field, Paralyze Field) or AoE spells (Mass Curse, Meteor Swarm, Chain Lighting, Earthquake)

Field Spells and Moongates/Teleporters

  • Players can no longer cast Fire Fields, Poison Fields, and Paralyze Fields within 5 tiles of a Moongate or Teleporter (mechanic already applies to Wall of Stone and Energy Field)
  • Any part of a field that extends out within 5 tiles of a Moongate / Teleporter won’t be created

House Resurrection

  • Players may only resurrect inside of houses if they are Friended, Co-Owner, or Owners to it

Player Spell Hues

  • Fixed a large number of issues with Player Customization Spell Hues in game as well as displayed hues icons in the Spell Hues Menu
  • Updated several existing spell hue colors to better match the respective clothing hue / item hue (the hue in the Spell Hue Menu will reflect the adjusted hue number)


  • A player who leaves a guild or is dismissed from a guild cannot rejoin another guild for 1 hour

Magic Spellbooks

  • Magic Spellbooks now display an overhead text message when at 20% and 10% uses remaining (and will break when at 0% uses remaining)

House Lockdowns / Secures

  • Fixed a text display issue when locking down / releasing items where the system message text was not factoring in secure containers into the player’s remaining lockdown numbers

Clothing Alteration Kits / Dye Tubs

  • Players can no longer dye or alter a clothing/headgear’s hue while it has an Aspect activated


  • Players can now launch ships while on Houseboats
  • A player firing a ship’s cannons will now be revealed
  • Fixed an issue where loot drop Ship Upgrade Deeds would sometimes occur that displayed as “Privateer” outfitting upgrade but would actually be a “blank” upgrade (and would show as blank when installed)

Animal Taming

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to gain taming skill on previously tamed creatures
  • Fixed a math rounding error with Passive Animal Taming gains that would sometimes result in players going slightly over the 2.5 Passive Taming Skill Gain cap

Movement Speed Throttles

  • Added some additional safety mechanics to prevent any form of “Speedhack” or issues where players “appear” to be moving faster than possible or floating

Explosive Containers

  • Fixed an issue where player-made explosive containers were dealing much less damage than intended

Arms Lore Context Menu

  • Removed the Arms Lore Context Menu Entry on Weapons, Armor, Instruments, and Magic Spellbooks

Disguise Kits

  • If a player attempts to enter an invalid name while using a Mastercrafted Disguise kit, it will no longer automatically proceed with applying the disguise (will randomly assign a new name but stay in the Disguise Kit gump menu)


  • Dyed Shields can no longer be added to Storage Shelves
  • Single-clicking a Dyed Shield should now display the hue number

Storage Shelves

  • Players should now be able to add Veterinary Supplies, Boarding Ropes, and Ship Repair Kits to storage shelves

Society Jobs

  • Removed old Aspect Mould items from Society Jobs list and replaced with Aspect Kits

MobileDeltas (Status Bars / Player Values Updates)

  • Fixed an issue where poisoned players / creatures sometimes wouldn’t display a green statusbar
  • Fixed a crash issue related to with player values changing