Prevalian Merchant


The Prevalia Market contains a large number of luxury items, clothing, and reward gear which can be purchased with Prevalia Coins (donation currency) or Gold. You can find the Prevalian Merchant at the wagon near the Prevalia Bank. Sometimes there will be items that are available for only a limited time so check often or you might miss out on something interesting! If you would like to purchase Prevalia Coins, visit our Donation Page for more info. Please note that masks, clothing, tomes, and other items are NOT blessed unless explicitly stated. You can purchase bless deeds with Prevalia Coins AND Gold though from the Prevalian Merchant.





Ancestor Mask

Bear Mask

Deer Mask

Orc Helm Mask

Orc Mask

Tribal Mask

Wolf Mask

Spider Mask

Sabertooth Mask

Undead Mask

Kabuki Mask

Uruk Mask

Ranger's Hood

Masked Hood





Neckerchief - Layer: Neck

Evening Gloves - Layer: Gloves

Face Mask - Layer: Ring

Fancy Cloak - Layer: Cloak

Fur Mantle - Layer: Cloak

Ruffled Blouse - Layer: Shirt

Tailored Shirt - Layer: Shirt

Checkered Tunic - Layer: Middle Torso

Tunic with Belt - Layer: Middle Torso

Gilded Fancy Robe - Layer: Outer Torso

Long Sleeveless Dress - Layer: Outer Torso

Magistrate's Robe - Layer: Outer Torso

Fancy Skirt with Slit - Layer: Outer Legs

Trousers - Layer: Pants

Rolled Low Boots - Layer: Shoes

Corseted Belt - Layer: Belt




Spell Scroll Tome: used to store an unlimited amount of spell scrolls.

Treasure Map Tome:
used to store treasure maps.

Skill Mastery Tome: used to store skill mastery scrolls.

Fishing Map Tome: used to store fishing maps.

Lumber Map Tome: used to store lumber maps.

Ore Map Tome: used to store ore maps

Skinning Map Tome: used to store skinning maps.



Hued Cloth:

To be completed



To be completed



Clothing Bless Deed

Runebook Bless Deed

Rune Tome Bless Deed

Creature Upgrades Reset Deed

Player Rename Deed

Guild Rename Deed

Guild Abbreviation Rename Deed




Extremely Common Seed

Very Common Seed

Common Seed

Exceptional Growth Serum

Exceptional Treated Heat Filter

Exceptional Water Purifier

Exceptional Fertilizer

Plant Restoratives




Traveler's Lantern: Blessed and equipped in Earrings layer (can be worn while using two hands)

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