Our map has been professionally illustrated by Karl Vesterberg, and is available printed on canvas.



A dangerous walkway passes over a treacherous waterfall on a secret island..


The Prevalia Garden Center, where you can find all the supplies you need to enjoy our in depth plant system.


A sacred waterfall perched atop the continental divide.


An orcish settlement on Nusero Island.


A decaying stone bridge crosses a river between the Ruined Lycaeum.


The great lodge at the Umbermare settlement.


Once the retreat of the Prevalian King, the Contempt Keep is now home to Rogue Knights amassing their forces.


Urukton Bluffs perched high on the cliffs Northeast of Prevalia has blocked the road passing through to Andaria.


The entrance to The Mausoleum is adjacent to a great swamp, and the tower holds a Master Reanimator. Experiments gone wrong lurk in the catacombs below, so beware the gooey pink creatures you may encounter.


The sawmill in the lumber town of Terran, situated on the Western shores.


A Cambrian King has been laid to rest in a secret tomb, complete with a ship to carry him into the afterlife. Beware the cats, they bite!


The town center of Corpse Creek, the lawless town in Outlands.


The new player dungeon provides a safe place for young players to raise their skills, to a total of 70, at an accelerated rate.


The great Darkmire Temple, from which the dungeon gets it’s name, is home to a variety of venomous monsters and the fearsome Lord Bile.


The burning Inferno is home to many fearsome fiery creatures. On this platform is the Infernal Knight, one of the most feared creatures in the dungeon.