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Healing Interaction

  • Minimum Anatomy skill of 60 is required for bandage cure attempts
  • Minimum Anatomy skill of 80 is required for bandage resurrection attempts
  • Players with 100 Healing and at least 80 Anatomy will always have 100% chance to resurrect their target with bandages
  • Bandage Healing Amounts are ((Healing Skill / 100) * ((Random Value of 40 to 60) * (1 + (0.2 * Anatomy Skill / 100))))

Combat Impact

  • Increases melee/archery damage by (40% * (Anatomy Skill / 100) * base weapon damage) for both PvP and PvM.
  • Increases Wrestling damage against players by (40% * (Anatomy Skill / 100) * base wrestling damage)
  • Increases Wrestling damage against creatures by (100% * (Anatomy Skill / 100) * base wrestling damage)
  • Note that base weapon / wrestling damage against other players is half what it is against creatures.
  • The above bonuses do not count towards PvP damage caps.
  • Players who have at least 2 different skills above 80 between Anatomy, Arms Lore, Forensic Evaluation, Tracking, and/or Wrestling can make Hamstring attempts
  • Note: Tooltips in game will suggest that this bonus is 20% at GM, but that is incorrect. There is a separate 2x scalar for melee bonuses that is active but does not get reflected in the tooltips or arms lore window. You can toggle these skill amounts on the test server and look at your weapon damage in the status window if you want confirmation, but the bonuses noted above are correct.


  • Up to 50.0 skill can be trained by a NPC butcher or healer vendor.
  • Skill gains for Anatomy up to 70.0 are accelerated in the New Player Dungeon.
  • Anatomy can be gained passively through combat and use of the Healing skill.
  • While Anatomy can be gained through active use of the skill; that is a slower method compared to:
    • 50-70 Passively by Healing or Melee Combat in the New Player Dungeon.
    • 70-100 Passively by Healing or Melee Combat