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Healing Interaction

  • Minimum Anatomy skill of 60 is required for bandage cure attempts
  • Minimum Anatomy skill of 80 is required for bandage resurrection attempts
  • Players with 100 Healing and at least 80 Anatomy will always have 100% chance to resurrect their target with bandages
  • Bandage Healing Amounts are ((Healing Skill / 100) * ((Random Value of 40 to 60) * (1 + (0.2 * Anatomy Skill / 100))))

Combat Impact


  • Up to 50.0 skill can be trained by a NPC butcher or healer vendor.
  • Skill gains for Anatomy up to 70.0 are accelerated in the New Player Dungeon.
  • Anatomy can be gained passively through combat and use of the Healing skill.
  • While Anatomy can be gained through active use of the skill; that is a slower method compared to:
    • 50-70 Passively by Healing or Melee Combat in the New Player Dungeon.
    • 70-100 Passively by Healing or Melee Combat