Arms Lore

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  • Players can use the Arms Lore skill to view stats of weapons and armor
  • Arms Lore can be used on items up to 12 tiles away
  • Chance to ignore durability losses to weapons, armors, and shields from attacking and parrying is 75% * (Arms Lore Skill / 100)


Disarm Attacks

  • Players must have 80 Arms Lore and 80 Weapon skill in their currently equipped weapon (or 80 Wrestling for unarmed) to attempt to make a Disarm attack
  • See Disarm page to know a lot more about this mechanic


Visit the Hamstring page for more information.


Skill Activity
0-50 Train from NPC
50-70 Use Arms Lore and target an item in New Player Dungeon
70-100 Passively with Melee Combat or actively using Arms Lore