Arms Lore

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Players can use the Arms Lore skill to view stats of weapons and armor. Arms Lore can be used on items up to 12 tiles away.

Chance to ignore durability losses to weapons, armors, and shields from attacking and parrying is 75% * (Arms Lore Skill / 100)


Disarm Attacks

  • Players must have 80 Arms Lore and 80 Weapon skill in their currently equipped weapon (or 80 Wrestling for unarmed) to attempt to make a Disarm attack
  • See Disarm page to know a lot more about this mechanic


Visit the Hamstring page for more information.


  • Up to 50.0 skill can be trained by an NPC.
  • Skill gains for Arms Lore up to 70.0 are accelerated in the New Player Dungeon.
  • Arms Lore can be trained through active use.
  • Arms Lore gains passively when the player is in melee combat.