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  • Each individual character will still have their own individual Aspect Tier Levels and Experience amounts for each of the 12 different Aspects (such as Air, Fire, etc) as before
  • Characters will earn Aspect experience and level up their individual Aspects by killing creatures while equipped with Aspect Gear of that particular Aspect, same as before
  • Players who have unlocked Aspects may now activate them an unlimited number of times per day
  • Each Aspect Activation will now cost 5 Arcane Essence
  • The main change of this new system is how players gain access to using Aspect Gear
    • Players will no longer have permanent Aspect Weapon/Spellbook/Armor items
    • Players must now first Unlock an Aspect for their character (characters may unlock multiple Aspects)
    • When characters Activate an Aspect, they will be able to temporarily apply that Aspect to their currently worn Weapon, Spellbook, or Armor
    • Since Aspect Gear is now "Activated," equipment will lose its current Aspect and return to normal if the player dies or takes off the equipment (and places it anywhere other than their backpack) and will fall to the player's corpse and is lootable
  • If a player is wearing or carrying Aspect Gear, and is killed by another player (so they receive the "Report Player for Murder" window as a result), they will be refunded the Activations used for their worn and held Aspect Gear and will receive a notification informing them of this
  • Players can steal Aspect Weapons and Aspect Magic Spellbooks (but not normal blessed spellbooks) from other players
  • Players will no longer be able to store Aspect items in bank boxes

Aspect Mastery Menu

The Aspect Mastery Menu is broken into Weapon, Spellbook, and Armor sections. Players can view the Aspect Mastery Menu for their character by doing any of the following:

  • Typing [Aspect in game
  • Clicking their Paperdoll -> Clicking Help -> Clicking Aspect Mastery
  • Double-clicking any Aspect Core, Aspect Distillation, or Aspect Kit item


Navigating the Aspect Mastery Menu

  • Players can use the Arrow buttons to rotate through different aspects and select which aspect they would like to view or use for that particular item type
  • Players can see the base bonuses that aspect would provide to the item as well as the bonuses that would be provided based on the character's Aspect Tier Level for that selected aspect

It should be noted that a character's Aspect Tier level and experience is the same and shared across all equipment types (i.e. players do not have an individual Fire Weapon Tier Level that differs from their Fire Spellbook Tier Level nor Fire Armor Tier level; they simply have a Fire Tier Level that applies to all equipment).

Unlocking an Aspect

  • In order for a player to be able to convert their equipment to a particular Aspect, they must first Unlock that Aspect for their character
  • To do this, they must set that particular Aspect as the selected one for Weapon/Armor/Spellbook (doesn't matter which), have the items listed in the section window in their backpack, and then click the Unlock Aspect button twice
  • If the player has the required materials listed (of the matching aspect) in their backpack, they will be consumed and the Aspect will be permanently unlocked for the character
  • To Unlock an Aspect, a player needs:

Once an Aspect has been unlocked, players can switch to it freely and set it as their current Weapon and Armor Aspect Attunement at any time. Players may unlock all Aspects available provided they pay the required costs. Players can chose to Activate those Weapon and Armor Aspect attunements to convert their currently worn Weapon/Spellbook or Armor into Aspect Gear of that respective Aspect.


Activations and Tier upgrades

  • Characters can activate their unlocked Aspect as many times as desired, for 5 Arcane Essence per activated item type.
  • Each equipment type counts as an Activation for that Aspect type (i.e. activating Fire Weapon and then Fire Armor would be 2 Activations)

Aspect Tier Upgrades

  • Aspect can be upgraded many times in a similar fashion to unlocks, with the requisite resources
  • As you kill monsters, you will gain Aspect XP for your activated Aspect
  • Aspect XP will stop gaining once the limit has been reached for a particular level
  • Once a level's max XP is reached, the Aspect must have its level upgraded with the requisite materials as listed below, in order to continue gaining Aspect XP
Aspect Level XP Extracts Cores
0-1 500 1 3
1-2 1000 1 3
2-3 1500 1 4
3-4 2000 1 4
4-5 2500 2 5
5-6 3000 2 5
6-7 3500 2 6
7-8 4000 2 6
8-9 4500 3 7
9-10 5000 3 7
10-11 15000 4 10
11-12 25000 5 15
12-13 40000 6 20


Set Active Tier Level

  • Players now have the option with Aspect Gear to temporarily lower their "Active Tier Level" below than their normal Permanent Tier Level for an Aspect (i.e. a player at Tier 10 Air Aspect could temporarily choose to set their Air tier to be 0-9 if they wish)
  • If a player lowers their Active Tier Level, it will treat their aspect bonuses provided by that specific aspect to be based on that Active Tier Level (and not their Permanent Tier Level)
  • Players may wish to do this if they prefer to conserve their Arcane Essence for a temporary period of time (since the burn rate of Arcane Essence for a player is tied to the Aspect Tier Levels of their worn Aspect Gear, with higher tiers burning more Arcane Essence)
  • The displayed bonuses for Aspect Gear on the [Aspect page as the [Stats page will reflect a player's Active Tier Level for an aspect (and not Permanent Aspect Tier Level)
  • If a player's Active Tier Level for an Aspect is set to any number other than their normal, Permanent Tier Level, the text for it will display in green (indicating they have made an adjustment)
  • Whenever a player earns enough aspect experience and Upgrades their Aspect Tier for an aspect to a new Tier Level, for safety purposes it will automatically set their Active Tier Level to match the new Permanent Tier Level they just reached


Aspect Items

The bonuses from a player's worn equipment (such Exceptional Quality, Material Bonuses, Magical Spellbook Bonuses, Slayer Bonuses) will now stack with Aspect Bonuses provided to equipment.

Aspect Weapons

Aspect Bonuses for Melee Accuracy, Tactics Bonus, and Aspect Special Chance are the same for all Aspect types on weapons (only difference for Aspects is Aspect Special Effect).


Aspect Spellbook Bonuses

Aspect Bonuses for Mana Refund Chance, Damage Bonus, and Aspect Special Chance are the same for all Aspect types on spellbooks (only difference for Aspects is Aspect Special Effect).


Aspect Armor Bonuses

A number of Aspect Bonuses for Armor have been redesigned to make some of the lesser used Aspects more attractive and functional (see images below).


Items Losing Their Aspects

  • When a player dies, all Aspect Gear (non-Legacy ones) they have equipped or in their backpack lose their Aspect and revert to its original material/bonuses and hue
  • When a player unequips an Aspect Gear item and places it anywhere other than their backpack or bank, it will lose its Aspect as well and revert to its original material/bonuses and hue
  • If a player runs out of Arcane Charges (explained later), all of their Aspect Gear they have equipped or in their backpack will lose their Aspect and revert to original material/bonuses and hue
  • If a player is killed while wearing Aspect Gear or has an Aspect Weapon or Magic Spellbook stolen,, it will lose its current aspect

Arcane Essence and Arcane Charges

  • Players have Arcane Charges stored on their character in a large pool that get consumed when the player uses Aspect Gear
  • Players can consume Arcane Essence and add Arcane Charges to their character by either:
    • Clicking the Add button in the Aspect Mastery Gump and targeting Arcane Essence in their backpack
    • Double-clicking Arcane Essence in their backpack and then targeting themselves
  • As mentioned earlier, if a player runs out of Arcane Charges, all Aspect Gear they have equipped or in their backpack will lose their Aspect and revert to original materials/bonuses
  • Visit the Arcane Essence page for more information


How to Obtain Arcane Essence

  • Find magic weapons and armor
  • Use a crafting tool, click Recycle Item and target the magical item
    • Can use any crafting tool on a magical item (smith's hammer to recycle a magical bow)
    • Can be done with zero skill
  • Once Recycled, Arcane Essence will appear in your backpack


Aspect Types

Air Aspect

Artisan Aspect

Blood Aspect

Command Aspect

Earth Aspect

Eldritch Aspect

Fire Aspect

Fortune Aspect

Lyric Aspect

Poison Aspect

Shadow Aspect

Void Aspect

Water Aspect