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The Backpack is the main inventory where the player will store their items while they are out and about the world. It can be opened from the Paperdoll by double clicking the backpack or by pressing ALT + I.

Once opened, the backpack can be moved around the screen, minimized by clicking the button at bottom of the bag (see gif), or closed by right clicking on it.

Backpacks have a default capacity of 125 items with weight being determined by a base of 40 stones + 3.5 stones for each point of Strength.

If a player exceeds the item capacity, attempting to add items may result in the items falling to the ground. If a player exceeds the weight limit, they will lose stamina with each step taken, while overweight, and at a certain point additional items may fall to the ground.

Players can increase the capacity of their backpack item count and weight limits through the use of Camping skill.