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Credit goes to Bacacay and Trystan for their forum post.

Instahit and Quick Switch

The most important thing to learn first off is how instahit and "quick switch" works together. First of all, your current weapon swing timer is always determined by what you have swung last, as opposed to what you have equipped last. The timer is only influenced by swings, so therefore equipping different weapons has no effect on it. So let's say that you swung a halberd 1 minute ago, that means if you equip a katana 1 minute after that and attempt to swing, the swing will be ready right away. Secondly, this shard has what is called slow to fast switching. What this means is after a swing, a faster weapon will always be ready to swing at it's own timer as opposed to the original weapon swing. So after a halberd swing, a katana will always swing on it's own timer as opposed for waiting for the swing delay of the halberd. Working off that same idea, if you equip a heavy crossbow after a halberd, you have to wait the crossbow timer, because it's slower. The same applies to a katana swing and then switching to the halberd, you must wait the halberd timer to swing. Movement delay on swing also doesn't exist outside of archery, which has a movement delay of .5 of a second, and swings are instant the moment you attack.


Precasting works basically the same as most servers, outside of a couple of things that make it slightly different:

  • A spell cast must complete before you attempt to arm your weapon or it will be interrupted
  • The same applies for wearing any item, so you can use the action of equipping a clothing or armor item to cancel a spell
    • However, you can still drink potions during the casting process and it will not interrupt your spell
  • Attempting to drink a potion once the precast is complete will cancel the spell

Poisoning in PvP

Heal through Poison

For the most part heal through poison works how you would expect, but there's one caveat. Higher poison levels mitigate ALL heals through it, including heal potions and obviously spells. Bandage healing is a special case in that it follows the healing mitigation rule instead of curing poison and not healing, but in PvM only. It works how you'd expect in PvP, curing poison on the bandage heal and not healing hits at all.

  • Lesser Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
  • Regular Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
  • Greater Poison: 75% of normal healing amount
  • Deadly Poison: 50% of normal healing amount
  • Lethal Poison: 25% of normal healing amount

Cure Rates

Lesser Poison Regular Poison Greater Poison Deadly Poison Lethal Poison
Lesser Cure Potion 75% chance 50% chance 25% chance 0% chance 0% chance
Regular Cure Potion 100% chance 75% chance 50% chance 25% chance 0% chance
Greater Cure Potion 125% chance 100% chance 75% chance 50% chance 25% chance

Bandaging Attempts: Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Healing Skill / 100)) - (Slips * 2%)

Cure and Arch Cure: Chance = ((150% - (Poison Level * 25%)) * (Magery Skill / 100))

Daily PvP Event Schedule

Outlands features a rotating schedule of PvP events that occur each hour throughout the entire day. The schedule is as follows: