Daemon Keep

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  • The Daemon Keep is a Lawless (grey) zone
  • An entry for the Daemon Keep has been added to the Atlas under Points of Interest
  • The Daemon keep is populated by Rift Cultists, who during combat will randomly summon one of several new Rift Daemon creatures
  • When a player kills a Rift Daemon, there is a chance they will drop an Omni Rune on their corpse (chance is increased based on difficulty of the daemon)

Public Omni Realm Gates

  • If an Omni Boss has recently been summoned and after 60 minutes it is still alive, a number of Public Omni Gates will appear throughout the Daemon Keep
  • Any player can use a Public Omni Gate in the Daemon Keep to gain entrance and "invade" the Omni Realm (since it is a grey zone)
  • Entering the Omni Realm requires a player to have 1 Omni Rune in their backpack (which will be consumed upon entrance)