Distribution Chest

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  • Can be purchased from the Prevalian Merchant
  • The Distribution Chest allows players to distribute the contents of the chest to a specified list of players
  • Distribution Chests function as a normal chest (lockable/securable), however, when a player double-clicks a Distribution Chest, if they have access rights to it (if it's locked down or secured) they will also have a Distribution Chest Window pop up

Adding Players

  • In the Distribution Chest Window a player can add characters to the Distribution List, which is the list of potential players to receive items from the chest
  • Players can click buttons to target and add Solo players, all members of their Party, or all nearby players into the Distribution List
  • Players may only be added to a Distribution List if they are Party Members or Guildmembers of the acting player
  • When the player is satisfied with their Distribution List, they can click the "Distribute Chest Items" at the bottom of the window
  • However, a player must be inside of a house to in order to Distribute items

Distributing Items

  • Upon Distribution, each item in the chest is randomly distributed to a player in the list (attempting to give all players an equal number of items if possible)
  • Each container (such as a bag) inside of the base level of the chest is considered one item
  • Each stack of items (such as gold) is considered one item for distribution purposes
  • A player will receive the items in their backpack as long as:
    • They are inside the same house as the distributing player
    • Has room in their backpack
    • Is alive
  • If a player receiving items does not meet these conditions, their items will be placed in their bank box using the Bank Queuing mechanic (will appear as soon as bank has room available for the item)
  • All players who are on the Distribution List will then receive a gump window showing the results of the Distribution
  • Each line in the results window shows who received each item, with a backpack icon shown if the item was placed in the player's backpack, or a silver chest if it was placed in their bankbox
  • Afterwards, the Distribution list is cleared
  • Distribution Chests will not distribute Trapped Containers to players; the player clicking "Distribute" will be notified of any items such as these that did not get distributed out to players

Boss Button

  • Allows a player who has the [BossResults window open to add all friendly players (party members/guild members) from their currently displayed Boss Event into their Distribution Chest player's list