Evaluating Intelligence

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Evaluating Intelligence is used for its ability to increase the damage and effectiveness of Magery spells. When you cast a spell, the potential damage is calculated based on several factors, such as the spell, its circle, your ability, etc. The damage then gets scaled based on the mage’s Evaluate Intelligence.

PvM Bonus

  • Provides a bonus to base spell damage against creatures equivalent to 66.67% * (Eval Int Skill / 100)))

PvP Bonus

  • Provides a bonus to base spell damage against players equivalent to 50% * (Evaluating Intelligence Skill / 100)
  • There is a 10% spell damage cap on supplemental skills (tracking, camping, inscribe, etc). This cap does not consider what your evaluating intelligence skill is at, therefore if you have 0 skill in evaluating intelligence, you cannot gain 20% spell damage by using tracking and camping together. However, you could have 100 evaluating intelligence and 100 tracking and gain 60% spell damage increase.


  • Up to 50.0 skill can be trained by a NPC mage or scribe vendor.
  • Skill gains for Evaluating Intelligence up to 70.0 are accelerated in the New Player Dungeon.
  • Evaluating Intelligence gains passively when the player uses magery.
  • While Evaluating Intelligence can be trained through active use this is the slower method.