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  • A guild costs 50,000 gold to create
  • A guild can be created by typing [guild
  • A guild stone isn't necessary for a guild
  • A guild stone indicates a house is a Guildhouse, and can be acquired by doubleclicking a House sign
  • Purchasing a Guild Stone and using it will assign that Home as a Guild Home
  • Guilds allow players to group up and earn special rewards
  • There is a Guild and Alliance chat available for members to use

Guild Menu


Overview Page 1

  • Displays Active Favors and Bonuses
  • Displays Prestige
    • Guild Level
    • Prestige Total
    • Server Rank
    • Next Level Earned At...
    • Unused Favors

Overview Page 2

  • Guild Details
    • Accounts
    • Characters
    • Wars
    • Alliances
    • Main Color
    • Alt Color
    • Website
    • Guild Houses
  • My Guild Status
    • Member Rank
    • Custom Title
    • Time at Rank
    • Time in Guild
    • Current Fealty
    • Display Guild Tag
    • Display Rank/Custom Title
    • Participate in Wars
    • Participate in PvP Events
    • Resign from Guild

Overview Page 3

  • Rank Privileges
    • Page 1
      • Rank Required to Invite Candidates
      • Rank Required to Approve Candidates
      • Rank Required to Promote Members
      • Rank Required to Dismiss Members
      • Rank Required to Conduct Diplomacy
      • Rank Required to Edit Guild Details
    • Page 2
      • Rank Required to Declare Fealty
      • Rank Required to Edit Custom Titles
      • Rank Required to Summon Bosses
      • Rank Required to Create Blood Feuds
      • Rank Required to Change Treasury Settings
      • Rank Required to Waive Treasury Balances
    • Page 3
      • Rank Required to Change Global War
  • Rank Titles


  • Search for Player
  • Member List
    • Message - Type a message to send to the player directly
    • Info - See player's recruitment date, skills, stats and Guild Rank
  • Invite Player to Guild


The "Faction" page of the Guild Menu has been overhauled and now is known as the "Battle" page. The Battle Page is where players can view or change their guild's Global War setting as well as view the current server schedule for when PvP events are occurring next. Each PvP event lasts 30 minutes and will have system message notifications for players 15 minutes and 5 minutes prior to event start informing them of the event's impending start.



  • Search for Player
  • Approve/Decline
  • Invite Player to Guild


  • Manage
    • Guild Details
      • Ignore Diplomacy Offers from this Guild
      • Ignore Guild Messages from this Guild
    • Diplomacy Action
      • Peace
      • Offer Them Alliance
      • Offer Them War
    • Send Message to Guild



Blood Feuds


Guild Fealty and Guild Master Voting

  • Guilds may set the minimum Guild Rank required for players to be able to declare fealty (i.e. set their vote for Guild Master)
  • When a player changes their fealty to another player, it now displays a text message showing how many votes the current Guildmaster has (out of all votes total)
  • Players who are below the Guild Rank required to declare fealty do not contribute votes total for determining Guildmaster
  • Players who have not been online in the last 90 days do not contribute votes towards for determining Guild Master
  • The player with the most votes (i.e players who have declared fealty to them) is the Guild Master for a guild
  • In the case of a vote tie, the player with the highest guild rank is named Guild Master, and if all tied players are of the same rank, the player who has been in the guild the longest is named Guild Master

Guild Prestige

Guilds can earn Prestige by having it's members accomplish tasks, and for every 100 Prestige earned, a guild will increase its Guild Level by 1. There is no cap to a guild's maximum level. A Guild's Server Rank is how their guild's Total Prestige amount they have earned compares to other guilds on the server. Visit the Guild Prestige page for more detailed information.


Guild Symbols

  • When a guild increases its level, it earns a randomized Guild Symbol
  • A guild's symbol appear in a variety of in-game gumps (such as in Faction Struggle Results, Housing, Arena Player Profiles, etc)
  • Players may change their guild's displayed Guild Symbol from the second page of the Guild Overview gump by clicking the Edit button and using the arrow buttons to scroll between Unlocked symbols

Guild Symbols

Guild Favors

Guild Favors