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  • Players can make Hamstring attempts while attacking with Fencing, Macing, Sword weapons as well as when using Wrestling (but not with Archery weapons)
  • Players can make Hamstring attempts if they have at least 2 skills above 80 from the following skills:

Accessing Hamstring

  • Hamstring is an independent effect and does NOT automatically occurs on Disarm attempts
  • Hamstring can be used via the client's "Stun" hotkey, or toggled by using [Hamstring
  • Handling for Hamstring can also be configured in the Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands -> Mechanics tab
  • Use [HamstringUntoggleMode in order to decide how the automatic toggle works


  • Similar to Disarm attempts, if Hamstring is toggled for a player, on a missed attack they will not be able to make another Hamstring attempt for 15 seconds
  • Disarm and Hamstring are independent effects and can both be placed onto the same target at the same time (and have both independent cooldowns)
  • On a successful hit when Hamstring is toggled, a player will have a cooldown of 30 seconds before they may make another Hamstring attempt to any target
  • Once hamstrung, a player or creature cannot be affected by another hamstring effect for another 30 seconds


  • When a creature is hit by a Hamstring effect, they will be Entangled for 6 seconds (cannot move, but may still do melee attacks, spells, and abilities)
  • Hamstring effect duration against creatures is now (2 + (4 * (Attacker Dex / 100)) * 2


  • When a player is hit by a Hamstring effect, they will be reduced to 0 Stamina for 3 seconds (forcing them to walk), after which their stamina will return to its previous amount