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By clicking the Help button within the Paperdoll, the player can find many features and menus that are custom to the Outlands shard. 


Helpful Links

Character Progression

Character Information

Helpful Tools



In-Game Help

Within the In-Game Help menu, you will find various ways you can get assistance in-game, such as character stuck assistance, reporting a player, and making gameplay suggestions.

  • Character Is Stuck - Players who are physically stuck may teleport to a random town. Can only be used once every 12 hours
  • Request Assistance - Take advantage of the Wiki, Forums and Discord, otherwise type a request in the window
  • Player Harassment - If you have experienced behavior not permitted by our guidelines, type a report in the window
  • Report a Bug or Exploit - Post more information within the forums but players can also type a report
  • Make a Gameplay Suggestion - Post on the Forums but feel free to type suggestions in the window