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Located at the Prevalia Casino, players can purchase Lottery Tickets or view past Lottery results by visiting Gwenyth the Lottery Official and doing any of the following:

  • Double-Clicking Gwenyth
  • Shift-Clicking and selecting "Buy" from Gwenyth's Context Menu
  • Saying "Ticket" or "Raffle" or "Lottery" or "Vendor" out loud near Gwenyth


Lottery Tickets

  • Players can purchase Lottery Tickets by clicking the "Purchase Ticket" button on the Lottery page
  • Lottery Tickets cost 1,000 gold each and must remain in the player's bank box to be valid for a lottery (if they are not in a player's bank box at the time of the drawing, the player will have to wait for the next month's lottery for those tickets)
  • Players will receive a text warning if they remove Lottery tickets from a bank box
  • Players can view past Lottery Results by clicking the Left/Right arrows at the bottom of the Lottery page and navigating to the desired "Lottery End Date" of the drawing they are looking for
  • Lottery Drawings will occur at the start of a new month around the same time as Society Jobs are reset and winners will be announced to all players
  • Monthly Lotteries by default will have 1 Winning Player who will receive 50% of the total gold spent on tickets for that month

Claiming a Winning Lottery Ticket

  • If a player receives a Winning Lottery Ticket, it will be deposited in their bank box
  • Players can double-click a Winning Lottery Ticket to claim it (either in their backpack or bank box) and receive their reward, which will be deposited into their bank box (using the "Bank Queuing" mechanic if they dont have room for any more items)

First Lottery Drawing Legacy Information

Players may potentially win multiple rewards from the first month's lottery (i.e. each ticket has a chance to win). In lieu of our Casino Jackpot reaching a massive sum, the first month of our lottery will feature a special lottery with multiple winners as follows:

  • 1 Player: 5,000,000 Gold each
  • 10 Players: 1,000,000 Gold each
  • 20 Players: 100,000 Gold each
  • 100 Players: 10,000 Gold each