Mace Fighting

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Mace fighting skill allows the use of slow hitting blunt weapons.

  • NO weapons classed as maces can be poisoned
  • All mace class weapons inflict stamina loss on the defender in PvP as if the attack had dealt 25% more damage than what was actually inflicted
  • The chance to hit with a mace class weapon is equal to (attacker's mace fighting skill + 50) / ((defender's weapon or wrestling skill + 50) * 2) plus any relevant accuracy bonuses

PvM: Macing Weapon Special Attack

  • Only works against creatures, not other players
  • Players have a 10% chance of inflicting a Macing Weapon Special Attack against creatures
  • This chance can be further increased via the Arms Lore Skill, Water Aspect Armor, or Mastery Chain Links
    • Increases damage dealt by the attack that generated the special by 50% (by up to 100% if the target is at or taken to 0 AR).
    • Pierces the target for 8-16 seconds (reduces target's Armor Value by 50)
    • If the pierce effect would reduce target's armor below zero, the damage of the attack is increased by a % equal to the amount of AR in excess of 0
      • Example: a creature at 20 AR would be reduced to 0 AR and then take 80% extra damage (50% + 30% additional)
        • Effect duration scales based on weapon speed (slower macing weapons have longer effect duration) and creature difficulty



  • Mace Fighting is trained through combat with a Mace Fighting weapon equipped. See the Weapons Chart for a list of Mace Fighting weapons
  • Up to 50.0 skill can be trained by an NPC weaponsmith
  • Skill gains for Mace Fighting up to 70.0 are accelerated in the New Player Dungeon
  • 50-70 fight creatures in the New Player Dungeon
  • 70-100:
    • Method One:
    • Melee fight creatures in the world
    • Method Two:
    • Purchase Wooden Training Club from any NPC provisioner or blacksmith
    • Use a 2nd account as a sparr dummy by attacking it with the character who is training
    • Then toggle war/peace on the 2nd account dummy character
      • Note: If training against another player, it is best to be in the same guild or else form a party where both members check "Flag Green to Party" in order to avoid being flagged as a criminal
      • You will need a way to heal the second account character