Murderers & Resurrection

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Committing Murder

  • murderer-imustconsidermysins.png
    After killing a blue player, all killers involved will have the Heat of Battle mechanic activated
  • If a player chooses to report a killer for murder, the killer will receive 1 Short Term and 1 Long Term Murder Count
  • However, if there was more than 1 killer involved in the murder, there is a (10% * Players Beyond the First) chance for the murder to instead result in 2 Short Terms and 2 Long Term Murder Counts received
  • Players now have 24 hours to report a murder after it occurs (previously was 48 hours)
  • Say "I must consider my sins" to view your Criminal Summary
  • Active Murderers (6 or more Murder Counts) will now always have a 15 minute Global Account Aggression Restriction placed on their account after dying, in addition to any Regional or Repent restrictions being added

Criminal Action Notifications

  • Players will receive a specific notification when committing a Criminal Action as to what type of action it was, such as "You have committed a criminal act! (corpse looting)"

Murder Count Decay

  • Both Short Term and Long Term murder counts decay every 72 hours (provided the player does not commit a murder in that time)

Murderers Resurrecting

  • When a player with 5 or More Short Term Murder Counts dies they will be responsible for paying Resurrection Fees when they attempt to resurrect
  • Murderers who die while participating in a Faction Struggle, in a duel or tournament in the Arena, or while on a ship are not subject to resurrection fees

Resurrection Fees and Penalties

  • 450 Gold for every Short Term Murder Count above 5 the player has
  • 50 Gold for every Long Term Murder Count the player has

Aggression Restrictions

  • wikiaccountaggressionondeath.jpg
    When a Murderer is killed at a location, rather than having a global Aggression Restriction put in place, they will now have an Account Aggression Restriction specific to that particular region added to their account for a limited duration
  • While a player has an Aggression Restriction in place for a Region, any characters on their account cannot perform any harmful actions to Innocent players inside that region
  • Each Dungeon is treated as its own individual region, and all non-dungeon areas are considered to be part of the "Wilderness Region" (making for a total of 10 regions)
  • Aggression Restriction duration for a region is 1 Hour + 1 Additional Hour for every 10 Long Term Murder Counts the player has
  • Players can view which Regions they currently have Aggression Restrictions in place and for how long by typing [ConsiderSins or saying "I must consider my sins"
  • If a Murderer dies in a region they already have an active Aggression Restriction in place for, a random region they currently do not have one for will be selected and added (i.e. dying a second time in Cavernam might add a Pulma restriction)


  • When Account Aggression is active, it can be seen in the Buff Bar (shown below)

Additional Option: Repent

  • When players pay Resurrection Fees when resurrecting as a murderer, they have an additional option to Repent
  • Players may Repent at any time, which puts into place a 72 Hour Aggression Restriction on the account for all characters preventing them from committing harmful actions to Innocent players at any location in the game world
  • Players will receive a text warning before Repenting informing them if they currently are players that they have recently murdered (less than 24 hours ago) who have not yet chosen to Report them for murder (since this means they could potentially receive 1 or more Long Term counts even after repenting)