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A player's effective barding skill in Discordance, Peacemaking, and Provocation is capped by their Musicianship skill

  • A player cannot receive more bonuses to their Effective Barding Skill higher than their Musicianship skill (i.e. at player at 25 Musicianship could only gain 25 Effective Barding skill from Instruments, Supplemental Skill Bonuses, Lyric Aspect Armor, etc)
  • A player's Effective Barding Skill is (Base Barding Skill + Instrument Skill Bonuses + Instrument Slayer Bonuses + Skill Slayer Bonuses + Lyric Aspect Armor Bonus)
  • A player's Base Barding Skill is capped by their Musicianship skill (i.e. 50 Provocation and 25 Musicianship = 25 Provocation)
  • A player total skill bonuses received from Instruments, Lyric Aspect Armor, or Slayer Bonuses is capped by than their Musicianship skill (i.e a player with +50 total Barding skill from their Instruments, Lyric Aspect Armor, and Slayer Bonuses, but who only has 25 Musicianship skill will only gain +25 Barding skill from them)
  • Barding Success Chance = (Effective Barding Skill / 100%) - (CreatureDifficultyValue * 1.0%) See important examples in patch April 7,2020
  • A player's Minimum barding success chance is now ((Effective Barding Skill / 100) * .25)) See important examples in patch April 7,2020
  • Any creature of 150 Difficulty Value or higher (such as Spectral Terrors, Elder Vampires, etc) will now receive Boss Barding effects instead of being Pacified or Provoked
  • Boss Barding effects reduce the Melee Attack Speed and Casting Speed of the creature by 25% and increase delay of Ability Cooldowns of the creature by 25%

Musical Instruments


Bard Songs

  • Players have the ability when using Barding skills to target the ground and activate a Barding Song
  • When a player activates a Barding Song, the effects will now only be granted to themselves and any other players or creatures who flag as Green to them, or are in the same party as them
  • In order for a player to benefit from a Barding Song (Song of Provocation/Peacemaking/Discordance) the player be within 50 tiles of the player who created the bonus (if multiple people activate barding songs near players, it will always use the highest valued version of any player within 50 tiles)
  • A player's Barding skill for determining song effectiveness is capped by their Musicianship skill (i.e. 70 Musicianship and 90 Provocation = effective 70 Provocation)
  • Casting a Barding Song has a 10 second cooldown that is independent of normal bard skill usage

The Barding Songs are:

  • Song of Provocation: Increases Damage Dealt by (5% * (Provocation / 100)) to creatures
  • Song of Discordance: Reduces Damage Taken by (10% * (Discordance / 100)) from creatures
  • Song of Peacemaking: Increases Melee Accuracy and Charged Spell Chance by (5% * (Peacemaking / 100)) against creatures

The Barding Song Durations are: patch April 7 2020

  • Provocation Duration = ((Effective Barding Skill / 100) * 30 sec)
  • Peacemaking Duration = ((Effective Barding Skill / 100) * 30 sec)
  • Discordance Duration = ((Effective Barding Skill / 100) * 60 sec)
  • Barding AoE Song Buffs durations have been extended to 15 minutes (previously was 5 minutes) Patch Notes 20191003

Barding Breaks

  • While a non-Boss creature is Provoked or Pacified, for every 1 second that passes there is a ((CreatureDifficulty / 100) * 1%) chance they will suffer a "Barding Break" effect that will last for (CreatureDifficulty / 10) seconds

When a creature suffers a Barding Break:

  • A "Barding Break" message will appear over their head and a sound effect will play
  • Their Provocation and Peacemaking effects (but not Discordance) will immediately end
  • They will have Provocation and Peacemaking immunity while the Barding Break is in place
  • The creature will suffer -50% Attack Speed, -50% Casting Speed, and +50% delays between Abilities while the Barding Break is in place (i.e. the same effects concept referred to previously as a Boss Barding Effect)

Defensive Barding

Players who have barding skills and remain non-aggressive to other players will now automatically receive an Effective Wrestling skill value and Effective Magic Resist skill value, but only for the purposes of defending against attacks/spells, based on their barding skill values

As long as a player does NOT have a Heat of Battle timer active (which is caused by doing aggressive actions to other players), players will receive: Effective Wrestling skill value of ((Discordance Skill + Peacemaking Skill + Provocation Skill) / 2) up to a maximum of 100 Skill value, when defending against creatures and other players while unarmed Effective Magic Resist skill value of ((Discordance Skill + Peacemaking Skill + Provocation Skill) / 3) up to a maximum of 100 Skill value

If a player already has a printed Wrestling or Magic Resist skill for their character at a higher amount than the Effective Barding skill received for that skill, the player's printed skill will always take priority. Patch Notes Sept 28 2020


Skill Activity
0-50 Train from NPC
50-70 Use any instrument continuously or use a Barding skill on creatures in New Player Dungeon
70-100 Use any instrument continuously or use a Barding skill on creatures at the Prevalia Zoo