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  • Players can access the new Party system by typing [Party or from the “Party” tab of the Outlands Overview page
  • While in a party, players can communicate privately with the entire party by using / and typing your message after it ie; /hello party
  • Players can create a party or add players to an existing party with the /add command and targeting a player.
  • Players can quit or leave the party with the /quit command
  • The party leader can remove players with the /rem command
  • If the party leader leaves the party, the next player who joined the party after them will automatically become the new leader
  • Parties are persistent and will remain in place if the server reboots
  • Parties will only disband if only one member remains or if no activity occurs among any members of the party for 7 days
  • Players can click the Orb next to a player's name in the menu to send them a message if they are online (players not online will appear in grey text and have no orb)
  • Parties are treated as "group" entities for determining looting rights on creatures, using damage thresholds similar to Guilds (i.e. if a Party does 15% of the total damage to a boss, all members of the party gain looting rights to it)


Data Values

  • A number of data values are automatically tracked for members of a party, such as Damage Dealt, Gold Earned, Healing to Party, and eaths
  • Damage Dealt is calculated only after creatures are killed by party members, since it factors in "Experience Sharing" which shares damage dealt by party members (which is explained later)
  • Parties also track Gold Earned by each members of the party, which is determined by (Gold Value of Creature Killed * Percent of Total Damage Dealt to Creature) any time a creature is killed an a party member has dealt damage to it
  • Healing Done to Party tracks any healing a player performs to another party member or their pets (but not themselves or own pets)
  • Deaths tracks how many time a player dies while in the party
  • Players can click the Arrows next to “Stats” to view different stats being tracked for the party
  • The Party Leader can click the “Reset Values” button to reset all recorded data values to 0
  • Players can click the Refresh button in the lower right corner to update the party menu (and update displayed data values)


Share Experience

  • Players can toggle Share Experience to “share damage” between other party members
  • When a creature is killed, all living party members within 50 tiles of the creature who have “Share Experience” toggled will combine their total damage inflicted on it and divide it equally amongst themselves for the purposes of determining Aspect Experience, Mastery Chain Experience, Society Job Progress, Achievements, Boss Results, Shrine Corruption Damage, and so on
  • If player has Shared Experience toggled, all other players in the Party Menu who also have Share Experience toggled, will appear in Blue text in the menu


Flag Green to Party

  • If a player has “Flag Green to Party” toggled, they as well as their corpse, will show as Green Notoriety to party members allowing them to attack, loot, or perform hostile actions against you freely
  • Players may only change their “Flag Green to Party” setting once every 5 minutes