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  • Players can use the Peacemaking skill to subdue enemies for a certain amount of time
  • Players may Pacify multiple creatures simultaneously
  • Skill usage cooldown is 10 seconds on success and 5 seconds on failure. A player may alternate between using Peacemaking or Provoking and Discordance every 5 seconds.
  • A player's base Peacemaking skill is capped by their Musicianship skill (i.e. a player with 50 Peacemaking and 25 Musicianship is considered to have 25 Peacemaking )
  • A player's Effective Peacemaking Skill is their (Peacemaking Skill + Instrument Skill Bonuses + Applicable Instrument Slayer Bonuses + Supplemental Skill Bonuses + Lyric Aspect Armor Bonus)
  • Players can increase their Effective Peacemaking Skill through use of the Forensic Eval and Tracking skill, which is listed in the above formula as "Supplemental Skill Bonuses" (see Forensic Eval and Tracking Skill entries for more info)
  • A player's total bonuses to Effective Peacemaking coming from Instruments, Supplemental Skill Bonuses, or Lyric Aspect Armor cannot be higher than their Musicianship skill (i.e. a player with 25 Musicianship could only gain up 25 points of Effective Peacemaking from their Instruments, Supplemental Skills, or Lyric Aspect Armor)
  • Chance for skill gain is doubled on a successful peacemaking check
  • Pacification effect duration is ((60 seconds - (Creature Difficulty Value)) * (Effective Barding Skill / 100)) with a minimum duration of 15 * (Musicianship Skill / 100) seconds
  • If a player attempts to Pacify a Provoked creature (or vice versa), it will override the existing barding effect with the new one
  • Players attempting to use Peacemaking on a creature that is currently already Provoked or Discorded will gain an effective barding skill bonus of 25 on the Peacemaking attempt
  • Pacification effects against tamed creatures will always be at most 15 seconds


Barding Songs

Casting a Barding Song has a 10 second cooldown that is independent of normal bard skill usage. All Barding Songs have a 15 minute duration. The Barding Songs are:

  • Song of Provocation
  • Song of Peacemaking
    • Increases Melee Accuracy and Charged Spell Chance by (5% * (Peacemaking / 100))
    • More information in Musicianship
  • Song of Discordance


Pacified Creatures

  • Pacified creatures will not move, perform melee attacks, cast spells, or use most abilities
  • Creatures that have been pacified will display *pacified Xs* in text above their head when doing AllNames, where X is the number of seconds of remaining until the pacification effect will end

Area Peacemaking

  • When selecting a target for Peacemaking, players may target themselves to create an area pacification effect
  • Area Peacemaking has the same cooldowns as a normal Peacemaking action
  • Area Peacemaking makes an individual Peacemaking skill check against each non-tamed creatures within 8 tiles of the bard
  • For each successful check, the creature is Pacified for 2 seconds
  • Players cannot perform AoE Peacemaking and AoE Discordance while in a guarded areas


Skill Activity
0-50 Train from NPC
50-70 Use Peacemaking on creatures in New Player Dungeon
70-100 Use Peacemaking on creatures at the Prevalia Zoo