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  • Players use Trap Tools (an item with 100 base uses) to Remove Traps on trapped containers
  • Used in conjunction with Lockpicking skill and Lockpicks to unlock trapped containers, Dungeon Chests, and in Treasure Hunting

Dungeon and Treasure Map Chests

  • Dungeon and Treasure Map chests have a Trap Difficulty that ranges from level 1 to 8 (based on dungeon location or map difficulty) and a Remove Trap Progress value from 0-100%
  • Players can make Remove Trap attempts on the chest using Trap Tools with successes increasing the Trap Progress
    • If a chest is at less than 100% Remove Trap progress, players will have a chance to trigger a trap while making Lockpicking attempts, which will cancel their attempt
    • A player triggering a trap on a chest does not change the Remove Trap Progress of the chest (i.e. multiple traps can be sprung from chests)
    • A player who triggers a Trap is not able to use the Hiding skill or be hidden with the Invisibility spell for the next 5 seconds
  • Traps increase in power and effect based on the Trap Difficulty level of the chest
  • As the Remove Trap progress on a chest increases, the trigger chance of traps on the chest for both Lockpicking and Remove Trap chances decrease
  • Players can double click chests to open a Lockpicking window
    • Lockpicking and Remove Trap success chances and progress values are displayed here
    • Players can click buttons in the window to make Lockpicking/Remove Trap attempts on the chest
    • Additionally, in the Lockpicking/Remove Trap window, players can rotate through different tool materials to see success chance changes and to make attempts with those tool types if they have any in their backpack
  • Players can also elect to simply double click Trap Tools and target the chest
  • Single clicking on a chest will display the chest's Lockpicking/Remove Trap progress (if any has been made)
  • Using exceptional and colored material Lockpicks increases the player's Effective Lockpicking skill as well as increases the amount of progress made on each successful skill check against on the chest for the related tool
  • A player's chance to successfully Remove Trap is ((Effective Skill - Chest Minimum Skill) * 2.5%)

Tool Bonus

Material Effective Skill Progress Bonus
Exceptional +5 +12.50%
ingotiron.png Iron
ingotdullcopper.png Dull Copper +1 +2.5%
ingotshadow.png Shadow Iron +2 +5%
ingotcopper.png Copper +3 +7.5%
ingotbronze.png Bronze +4 +10%
ingotgold.png Gold +5 +12.5%
ingotagapite.png Agapite +6 +15%
ingotverite.png Verite +7 +17.5%
ingotvalorite.png Valorite +8 +20%
ingotavarite.png Avarite +9 +22.5%

Chest Difficulty

Chest Difficulty Level Minimum Skill Progress Chance
Worthless 1 0 ((40% to 80%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Very Easy 2 25 ((36% to 72%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Easy 3 50 ((32% to 64%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Average 4 75 ((28% to 56%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Difficult 5 95 ((24% to 48%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Very Difficult 6 105 ((20% to 40%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Extremely Difficult 7 115 ((16% to 32%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %
Nearly Impossible 8 125 ((12% to 24%) * (1 + Tool Bonus)) %

Fortune Aspect


  • Remove Trap training requires Trap Tool and a Locksmith Training Box
  • Locksmith Training Box can be purchased from a NPC Tinker for 100 gold
  • Up to 50 skill can be trained by a NPC Tinker
  • 50-120 use a locksmith training box and repeat Remove Trap