Repair Kit

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Players at 120 skill for Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Tailoring and Inscription can use Repair Kits and target a player or container to repair all items on that player (in backpack or equipped) or items in the targeted container, so long as the item was crafted with the respective crafting skill of the repair kit.

Types of Repair Kits:

  • Blacksmithy Repair Kit
  • Carpentry Repair Kit
  • Tailoring Repair Kit
  • Inscription Repair Kit
  • Ship Repair Kit

Repairing Items

  • Players using Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Inscription and Tailoring Repair Kits can repair all items on a player regardless of what crafting skill is used to craft the item (a player will still need 95 Blacksmithy to use a Blacksmithy Repair Kit, or 95 Tailoring for a Tailoring Repair Kit, however)
  • Players have a 100% chance to repair an item fully that they meet the minimum crafting skill needed to repair
  • No maximum durability will be lost on a item when repaired

Repair Benches

  • Players can add charges to a Repair Bench by double clicking a Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Inscription or Tailoring Repair Kit and targeting a Repair Bench
  • Each Repair Kit consumed adds 10 charges to the Repair Bench. No crafting-skill requirements are needed to perform this action.