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  • A player's Reputation is a combination of Karma and Fame that determines the title displayed on the Paperdoll
  • Players can view their individual Fame and Karma amounts in the Titles page (accessible via [Titles or Paperdoll -> Help -> Titles)
  • Fame has a 0 to 1,000,000 value range
  • Karma has a -1,000,000 to 1,000,000 value range

Gaining and Losing Fame/Karma

  • When players kill a monster, they earn Fame and Karma equal to the gold value of the creature (amount is then scaled based on the percent of damage they dealt to the creature)
  • When players die outside of Faction Struggles, Arenas, or Lawless/Grey Zone Areas they will lose 10% of their current Fame amount
  • When a player dies, they normally lose 10% of their total Fame and if it was another player that killed them, that attacking player receives 50% of the amount of Fame lost by the dying player
  • A player now can only receive Fame from killing an individual player at most once every 24 hours (a player will still always lose 10% Fame on every death, however)
  • If a player is reported for a murder, they will lose 100,000 Karma
  • Players will lose 5 Karma for each Snooping, Poisoning, or Begging action
  • Players can lock their Karma at ankhs. There is one outside the healer on Shelter Island and another in the healer boat in Corpse Creek.