Server Rankings

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  • Seasonal Rankings will reset every 90 days
  • Server Ranks update every 4 hours
  • Each Server Rank categories has a "Seasonal" and "Lifetime" Title granted to the highest player (or guild) for that category (and title passes when a new player/guild takes the top spot)
  • Players can type [HideServerRank to have their specific name show up as "*****" in the rankings on all [ServerRank category results
  • Players can type [HideServerRank a second time to have their name show up in full again


  • Gold Earned
  • Doubloons Earned
  • Creatures Killed
  • Paragon Creatures Killed
  • Mini-Bosses Killed
  • Bosses Killed
  • Ankh Tokens Earned
  • Omni Boss Damage
  • Event Score
  • Arena Tournaments
  • Town Struggle
  • Corpse Creek Contest
  • Castle Siege
  • Dungeon Flashpoint
  • Dungeon Chests
  • Treasure Map Chests
  • Resource Maps Completed
  • Lore Book Maps
  • Fish Harvested
  • Leather Harvested
  • Logs Harvested
  • Ore Harvested
  • Boards Used in Crafting
  • Ingots Used in Crafting
  • Leather Used in Crafting
  • Reagents Used in Crafting
  • Arcane Scrolls Used in Crafting
  • Uncommon Items Used in Cooking
  • Fishing Spots Completed
  • Messages in Bottles Completed
  • Special Fishing Nets Used
  • Guild Prestige