Shelter Island

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Shelter Island Window


When players log in with a new character, they will immediately receive a Shelter Island Window that gives them three options:

  • View Information about Shelter Island and Young Player status. If a player clicks the "View" button they will be able to view several pages of information explaining how Young Status works and the rules for Shelter Island (they also have a "Back" button on the window to return to the three options menu)
  • Stay on Shelter Island and keep Young Player status. If the player clicks the "Stay" button they will be allowed to stay on Shelter Island for the time being
  • Renounce Young Player status and Travel to Prevalia. If the player clicks the "Travel" button they will immediately be teleported (along with nearby pets) to Prevalia and will lose Young Player status

If the player closes the window without selecting either the 2nd or 3rd option, the window will reappear the next time they log in until chose one of those two options.

Shelter Island and the New Player Dungeon

  • Shelter Island is now an Aggression-Free region, and players cannot perform hostile actions to each other (including in the New Player Dungeon)
  • Players can not increase any skill beyond 70 while on Shelter Island (including in the New Player Dungeon)
  • Players without Young Status are not allowed Bank access and cannot purchase items from Vendors in Shelter Island
  • Player chances to harvest resources are reduced to 50% of normal on Shelter Island (i.e. 22% mining success becomes 11%)
  • Player resource amounts when carving corpses is reduced to 50% of normal on Shelter Island
  • Active Skill Gain Boost is always considered active for a player in the New Player Dungeon
  • Gold amounts on creatures in the New Player Dungeon are reduced to 50% of normal
  • Chances for Special Items (treasure maps, arcane scrolls, etc) on creatures in the New Player Dungeon are reduced to 50% of normal
  • Creatures will not drop Rare items in the New Player Dungeon


Losing Young Player Status

Players will lose Young Player status if one of the following events occurs:

  • They leave Shelter Island
  • They spend more than 8 Hours in game
  • They elect to Renounce their Young Player status

If a player attempts to use a player-made moongate, public moongate, cast recall, use a teleporter, or get on a boat, they will receive a confirmation prompt asking them to first Renounce their Young player status. If they decline, they will not be able to travel to the location.

Once a player loses their Young Player status, all Newbied items they have equipped, in their backpack, or bank box will lose its status. Any Non-Young player that picks up or uses a Newbied item will cause it to lose it's Newbied status.


The History of Shelter Island

Credit goes to Lenz for the original lore and also to Erik Gray for the amazing posts and images.


Nestled in Reaver Bay, between the Aegean Peninsula and Cambria lies Shelter Island. Mad Emperor Linus reigned as the last ruler of the united Prevalian Empire from 469AC to 490AC. Unprepared for and unsuited to rule, Linus issued many strange edicts, among them the order to create an entirely new island ‘shelter’ to house the sick and infirm that he held responsible for the slow disintegration of his empire.

Prevalian engineers and mages set to creating an artificial island in the shallow Reaver Bay. As soon as this mighty feat of construction was completed, Linus began deportations of ‘undesirables’ from the streets of Prevalia, Andaria and Cambria. In his haste to be rid of these scapegoats, Linus neglected to provide any facilities or support for the reluctant new inhabitants of Shelter Island. These first deportees simply tore each other apart in a desperate struggle to survive. Legend has it that many of their ghosts still stalk the caves beneath the town.

Today the island - and the town upon it established by the Prevalian rulers that followed Linus - are viewed as a neutral safe haven, free from the wars that have ravaged the cities of the mainland.