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  • Players have a (100% * (Snooping Skill / 100)) chance to successfully snoop another player's backpack and containers
  • If the thief is wearing a Disguise Kit, success chance is increased by 25%
  • Players when Snooping have a (100% - (75% * (Snooping Skill / 100)) chance to be noticed by nearby players within 8 tiles (which simply generates a "You notice X snooping Y" system message)
  • If the thief is Hiding while making Snooping attempts, no system message notifications will be displayed to other players (i.e. "You notice Luthius attempting to peak into Serathi's belongings")
  • Players cannot make Stealing or Snooping attempts for 2 minutes after death
  • Players Snooping the main backpack of another player triggers a 2 second Snooping skill cooldown (snooping any other container on a player has a 1 second cooldown)
  • Snooping requires line of sight of a container (cannot snoop from different levels of houses or dungeons)

Trapped Pouches

  • Players who snoop and trigger a Trapped Pouch on another player will activate a 2 minute temporary grey flagging against that player (can be freely attacked by them in that time period)
  • Players attempting to snoop a trapped pouch that is empty (no items inside) will be prevented from doing so and will not be flagged grey to the target player