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  • Each week players will be able to accept and complete jobs from six different Societies
  • The Society House is located in Prevalia (northeast of the bank)
  • Players can say "Job", "Jobs" or "Society" near a Society Master to view current jobs
  • Players may accept up to 10 Society Jobs per week per account
    • Can be from any combination of different Societies
    • Progress towards any Society Job is shared by all characters on a player's account
  • When players complete Society Jobs, they earn Reward Points within that specific Society that can be used to purchase unique items
    • Reward Points in each Society are shared across a player's account
  • All Societies Jobs are identical for all players on the shard

Job Target Values

Conceptually, we have readjusted the “Target Values” needed for most society jobs to fall into one of three categories:

  • Easy jobs require a very small amount of time, energy, resources consumed, and is meant to be a job that even a casual player should be able to complete (including crafting jobs)
  • Medium jobs require a moderate amount of time, energy, resources but should still be accomplishable by most players reasonably during a week
  • Hard jobs require a substantial amount of time, energy, and resources and are considered to be geared towards “hardcore” players

Creature Killing/Taming

  • Society jobs involving specific creatures have now had their target requirements dynamically adjusted each week based on the number of available spawns for the creature that exist in the world and the current spawn timers set for them
  • Any Taming job for creatures with a 120 Taming requirement will also have a dramatically reduced target value due to the length of time required to tame it

Crafting Consumption

  • All Society Crafting Jobs require the items being crafted to be consumed (i.e deleted) in order to count towards society job progress
  • By default, any crafted items that will contribute to a Society Crafting Job will automatically be consumed UNLESS the player goes into the Society Jobs Overview and deselects the “Contributed Crafted” button next to the job in question
  • While “Contribute Crafted” is enabled for a Society Crafting Job, each time they craft that particular item (if it matches the exact criteria for Quality / Material), it will automatically consume the item immediately upon crafting and update the player’s Progress for that Society Job


Society Job Types & Rewards

When players complete a job issued from a Society, they earn Reward Points within that individual Society, which can be used to purchase functional as well as decorative items (many of these items are unique to that specific society). Players may click the Spend Points button on either the Society Overview Page for a player or while browsing a Society Job Board.


Adventurer Lodge

  • Lockpicking Dungeon Chests of Specific Level
  • Lockpicking Dungeon Chests in Specific Region
  • Taming Specific Creatures
  • Taming Creatures in Specific Region
  • Completing Treasure Maps of Specific Level
  • Completing Resource Maps

Adventurer Lodge Clothing

Name Layer Cost Image
Adventurer's Tunic Middle Torso 300 File:adventurerstunic.jpg
Open Jacket Outer Torso 300 File:openjacket.jpg
Brown Leather Harness Talisman 200 File:brownleatherharness.jpg
Traveler's Shirt Shirt 250 File:travelersshirt.jpg
Hip Belt Waist 200 File:hipbelt.jpg
Leather Pants Pants 200 File:leatherpants1.jpg
Hiking Boots Feet 200 File:hikingboots.jpg

Adventurer Lodge Hued Items (1918)

Name Cost Image
Shield and Quiver Dye 5 File:adventurerlodgeshieldquiverdye.jpg
Carpet Dye 15 File:adventurerlodgecarpetdye.jpg
Cloth 15 File:adventurerlodgecloth.jpg
Spell Hue Deed 30 File:adventurerlodgespellhuedeed.jpg
Furniture Dye 30 File:adventurerlodgefurnituredye.jpg
Runebook Dye 30 File:adventurerlodgerunebookdye.jpg
Backpack Dye 150 File:adventurerlodgebackpackdye.jpg
Headwear Dye 200 File:adventurerlodgeheadweardye.jpg
Lantern 200 File:adventurerlodgeshieldquiverdye.jpg
Hair Dye 300 File:adventurerlodgehairdye.jpg
Facial Hair Dye 250 File:adventurerlodgefacialhairdye.jpg
Horse Mount Token 400 File:adventurerlodgehorsemounttoken.jpg
Llama Mount Token 400 File:adventurerlodgellamamounttoken.jpg
Ostard Mount Token 400 File:adventurerlodgeostardmounttoken.jpg
Forest Ostard Mount Token 400 File:adventurerlodgeforestostardmounttoken.jpg
Frenzied Ostard Mount Token 400 File:adventurerlodgefrenziedostardmounttoken.jpg

Artificer Enclave

  • Crafting Alchemy or Inscription Items
  • Crafting Exceptional Quality Inscription Item

Artificer Enclave Clothing

Name Layer Cost Image
Crooked Wizard's Hat Helm 250 File:adventurerstunic.jpg
Battlemage's Tunic Outer Torso 300 File:battlemagestunic.jpg
Arcane Robe Outer Torso 300 File:arcanerobe.jpg
Nobleman's Shawl Talisman 200 File:noblemansshawl.jpg
Long Sleeve Shirt Shirt 250 File:longsleeveshirt.jpg
Waist Sash Waist 200 File:waistsash.jpg
Harem Pants Pants 200 File:harempants.jpg
Jester Shoes Shoes 200 File:jestershoes.jpg

Artificer Enclave Hued Items (2875)

Name Cost Image
Shield and Quiver Dye 5 File:artificerenclaveshieldquiverdye.jpg
Carpet Dye 15 File:artificerenclavecarpetdye.jpg
Cloth 15 File:artificerenclavecloth.jpg
Spell Hue Deed 30 File:artificerenclavespellhuedeed.jpg
Furniture Dye 30 File:artificerenclavefurnituredye.jpg
Runebook Dye 30 File:artificerenclaverunebookdye.jpg
Backpack Dye 150 File:artificerenclavebackpackdye.jpg
Headwear Dye 200 File:artificerenclaveheadweardye.jpg
Lantern 200 File:artificerenclaveshieldquiverdye.jpg
Hair Dye 300 File:artificerenclavehairdye.jpg
Facial Hair Dye 250 File:artificerenclavefacialhairdye.jpg
Horse Mount Token 400 File:artificerenclavehorsemounttoken.jpg
Llama Mount Token 400 File:artificerenclavellamamounttoken.jpg
Ostard Mount Token 400 File:artificerenclaveostardmounttoken.jpg
Forest Ostard Mount Token 400 File:artificerenclaveforestostardmounttoken.jpg
Frenzied Ostard Mount Token 400 File:artificerenclavefrenziedostardmounttoken.jpg

Monster Hunter Society

  • Killing Mini-Bosses
  • Killing Shrine Bosses
  • Killing Bosses
  • Killing Specific Creature Type
  • Killing Creatures in Specific Region
  • Killing Paragons in Specific Region
  • Killing Paragons in Specific Slayer Group

Monster Hunter Society Clothing

Name Layer Cost Image
Ruffled Hood Helm 250 File:ruffledhood.jpg
Fur Doublet Middle Torso 300 File:furdoublet.jpg
Leather Tunic Middle Torso 300 File:leathertunic.jpg
Leather Harness Talisman 200 File:leatherharness.jpg
Fur Pauldrons Talisman 200 File:furpauldrons.jpg
One Armed Vest Shirt 250 File:waistsash.jpg
Long Leather Belt Waist 200 File:longleatherbelt.jpg
Leather Pants Pants 200 File:leatherpants1.jpg
Fur Greaves Shoes 200 File:furgreaves.jpg


Monster Hunter Society Hued Items (2817)

Name Cost Image
Shield and Quiver Dye 5 File:monsterhuntersocietyshieldquiverdye.jpg
Carpet Dye 15 File:monsterhuntersocietycarpetdye.jpg
Cloth 15 File:monsterhuntersocietycloth.jpg
Spell Hue Deed 30 File:monsterhuntersocietyspellhuedeed.jpg
Furniture Dye 30 File:monsterhuntersocietyfurnituredye.jpg
Runebook Dye 30 File:monsterhuntersocietyrunebookdye.jpg
Backpack Dye 150 File:monsterhuntersocietybackpackdye.jpg
Headwear Dye 200 File:monsterhuntersocietyheadweardye.jpg
Lantern 200 File:monsterhuntersocietyshieldquiverdye.jpg
Hair Dye 300 File:monsterhuntersocietyhairdye.jpg
Facial Hair Dye 250 File:monsterhuntersocietyfacialhairdye.jpg
Horse Mount Token 400 File:monsterhuntersocietyhorsemounttoken.jpg
Llama Mount Token 400 File:monsterhuntersocietyllamamounttoken.jpg
Ostard Mount Token 400 File:monsterhuntersocietyostardmounttoken.jpg
Forest Ostard Mount Token 400 File:monsterhuntersocietyforestostardmounttoken.jpg
Frenzied Ostard Mount Token 400 File:monsterhuntersocietyfrenziedostardmounttoken.jpg

Order of Armorers

  • Crafting Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items
  • Crafting Exceptional Quality Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items
  • Crafting Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items With Specific Material Type
  • Crafting Exceptional Quality Blacksmithing or Tailoring Items With Specific Material Type

Order of Armorers Clothing

Name Layer Cost Image
Cambeson Middle Torso 300 File:cambeson.jpg
Open Vest Outer Torso 300 File:openvest.jpg
Leather Satchel Talisman 200 File:leathersatchel.jpg
Fine Stitched Shirt Shirt 250 File:finestitchedshirt.jpg
Tool Belt Waist 200 File:toolbelt.jpg
Bloomers Pants 200 File:bloomers.jpg
Fur Lined Laced Boots Feet 200 File:furlinedlacedboots.jpg

Order of Armorers Hued Items (2915)

Name Cost Image
Shield and Quiver Dye 5 File:orderofarmorersshieldquiverdye.jpg
Carpet Dye 15 File:orderofarmorerscarpetdye.jpg
Cloth 15 File:orderofarmorerscloth.jpg
Spell Hue Deed 30 File:orderofarmorersspellhuedeed.jpg
Furniture Dye 30 File:orderofarmorersfurnituredye.jpg
Runebook Dye 30 File:orderofarmorersrunebookdye.jpg
Backpack Dye 150 File:orderofarmorersbackpackdye.jpg
Headwear Dye 200 File:orderofarmorersheadweardye.jpg
Lantern 200 File:orderofarmorersshieldquiverdye.jpg
Hair Dye 300 File:orderofarmorershairdye.jpg
Facial Hair Dye 250 File:orderofarmorersfacialhairdye.jpg
Horse Mount Token 400 File:orderofarmorershorsemounttoken.jpg
Llama Mount Token 400 File:orderofarmorersllamamounttoken.jpg
Ostard Mount Token 400 File:orderofarmorersostardmounttoken.jpg
Forest Ostard Mount Token 400 File:orderofarmorersforestostardmounttoken.jpg
Frenzied Ostard Mount Token 400 File:orderofarmorersfrenziedostardmounttoken.jpg

Seafarer League

  • Sink Doubloon Value Worth of Ships
  • Sink Paragon Ships
  • Sink Doubloon Value Worth of Ships From Specific Faction
  • Sink Ships of Specific Size
  • Kill Doubloon Value Worth of Enemy Crewmembers While Boarding
  • Kill Doubloon Value Worth of Enemy Crewmembers From Specific Faction While Boarding
  • Use Special Fishing Nets
  • Complete Special Fishing Spots
  • Complete Messages in Bottles
  • Catch Specific Fish Types

Seafarer League Clothing

Name Layer Cost Image
Buccaneer's Hat Helm 250 File:buccaneershat.jpg
Hook Gloves 200 File:hook.jpg
Eye Patch Ring 200 File:eyepatch.jpg
Explorer's Shawl Talisman 200 File:explorersshawl.jpg
Braced Doublet Middle Torso 300 File:braceddoublet.jpg
Corsair's Coat Outer Torso 300 File:corsairscoat.jpg
Traveler's Shirt Shirt 250 File:furlinedlacedboots.jpg
Waist Chain Waist 200 File:waistchain.jpg
Peg Leg Outer Legs 200 File:pegleg.jpg
Breeches Pants 200 File:breeches.jpg
Rolled Thigh Boots Shoes 200 File:rolledthighboots.jpg

Seafarer League Hued Items (2906)

Name Cost Image
Shield and Quiver Dye 5 File:seafarerleagueshieldquiverdye.jpg
Carpet Dye 15 File:seafarerleaguecarpetdye.jpg
Cloth 15 File:seafarerleaguecloth.jpg
Spell Hue Deed 30 File:seafarerleaguespellhuedeed.jpg
Furniture Dye 30 File:seafarerleaguefurnituredye.jpg
Runebook Dye 30 File:seafarerleaguerunebookdye.jpg
Backpack Dye 150 File:seafarerleaguebackpackdye.jpg
Headwear Dye 200 File:seafarerleagueheadweardye.jpg
Lantern 200 File:seafarerleagueshieldquiverdye.jpg
Hair Dye 300 File:seafarerleaguehairdye.jpg
Facial Hair Dye 250 File:seafarerleaguefacialhairdye.jpg
Horse Mount Token 400 File:seafarerleaguehorsemounttoken.jpg
Llama Mount Token 400 File:seafarerleaguellamamounttoken.jpg
Ostard Mount Token 400 File:seafarerleagueostardmounttoken.jpg
Forest Ostard Mount Token 400 File:seafarerleagueforestostardmounttoken.jpg
Frenzied Ostard Mount Token 400 File:seafarerleaguefrenziedostardmounttoken.jpg

Tradesman Union

  • Crafting Carpentry or Tinkering Items
  • Crafting Exceptional Quality Carpentry or Tinkering Items
  • Crafting Carpentry or Tinkering Items With Specific Material Type
  • Crafting Exceptional Quality Carpentry or Tinkering Items With Specific Material Type

Tradesman Union Clothing

Name Layer Cost Image
Fancy Doublet Middle Torso 300 File:fancydoublet.jpg
Collared Shirt Outer Torso 300 File:collaredshirt.jpg
Suspenders Talisman 200 File:suspenders.jpg
Fine Stitched Shirt Shirt 250 File:finestitchedshirt.jpg
Utility Belt Waist 200 File:utilitybelt.jpg
Bloomers Pants 200 File:bloomers.jpg
Clogs Feet 200 File:clogs.jpg

Tradesman Union Hued Items (2765)

Name Cost Image
Shield and Quiver Dye 5 File:tradesmanunionshieldquiverdye.jpg
Carpet Dye 15 File:tradesmanunioncarpetdye.jpg
Cloth 15 File:tradesmanunioncloth.jpg
Spell Hue Deed 30 File:tradesmanunionspellhuedeed.jpg
Furniture Dye 30 File:tradesmanunionfurnituredye.jpg
Runebook Dye 30 File:tradesmanunionrunebookdye.jpg
Backpack Dye 150 File:tradesmanunionbackpackdye.jpg
Headwear Dye 200 File:tradesmanunionheadweardye.jpg
Lantern 200 File:tradesmanunionshieldquiverdye.jpg
Hair Dye 300 File:tradesmanunionhairdye.jpg
Facial Hair Dye 250 File:tradesmanunionfacialhairdye.jpg
Horse Mount Token 400 File:tradesmanunionhorsemounttoken.jpg
Llama Mount Token 400 File:tradesmanunionllamamounttoken.jpg
Ostard Mount Token 400 File:tradesmanunionostardmounttoken.jpg
Forest Ostard Mount Token 400 File:tradesmanunionforestostardmounttoken.jpg
Frenzied Ostard Mount Token 400 File:tradesmanunionfrenziedostardmounttoken.jpg

Common Rewards

These items can be purchased from any of the Societies with Reward Points:

Common Society Items
Name Cost Image
Direwolf Mount Token 1200 direwolfmounttoken.jpg
Mount Token Creation Kit 400 mounttokencreationkit.jpg
Bronze Mastery Chain Link 300 bronzemasterylink.jpg
Silver Mastery Chain Link 450 silvermasterylink.jpg
Gold Mastery Chain Link 600 goldmasterylink.jpg
Bronze Mastery Chain Link Reforging Tool 150 bronzemasterylinkreforge.jpg
Silver Mastery Chain Link Reforging Tool 225 silvermasterylinkreforge.jpg
Gold Mastery Chain Link Reforging Tool 300 goldmasterylinkreforge.jpg

Abandoning Society Jobs

  • Players now have the ability to Abandon Society Jobs they have taken but have not yet completed
  • Players can abandon a Society Job they have taken by clicking the “Abandon” button next to the respective job in their Society Job tracking page (Overview Page -> Specific Society Page)
  • Abandoning a job will completely wipe all progress on the job, but will free up the player to take another job in its place during that week