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The Veterinary skill uses bandages to heal pets from damage, poison and even resurrect them. Much like Healing, you have to stand close to initiate and complete the bandaging attempt.

  • Minimum Animal Lore skill of 60 is required for bandage cure attempts
  • Minimum Animal Loreskill of 80 is required for bandage resurrection attempts
  • Bandage Healing Amounts on creatures are ((Veterinary Skill / 100) * ((Random Value of 60 to 90) * (1 + (.2 * Animal Lore Skill / 100))))
  • Bandaging a creature takes 5-7.5 seconds (scaled based on Healer's Dex)

Stationary Bandaging

  • Players who have been stationary for 5 seconds may bandage targets up to 2 tiles away
  • Player healing range reverts back to 1 tile range if the player moves within 5 seconds of finishing the bandage

Curing Poison

Visit the Poisoning page for more details!

Veterinary Supplies

  • Veterinary Supplies
    Players can now craft Veterinary Supplies at 100 Tailoring skill
  • Requires 100 Cloth, 10 Bees Wax, 1 Greater Heal Potion, and 1 Greater Cure Potion
  • Veterinary Supplies have 100 uses each
  • Using Veterinary Supplies has the same bandaging timer length as using bandages with Veterinary
  • When players double-click veterinary supplies, they will attempt to heal all friendly followers (pets/summons) within 2 tiles
  • A player cannot use a bandage while using veterinary supplies and activating veterinary supplies will cancel any bandages they have in progress

After the player's normal Veterinary bandage duration has occurred (based on dex), all friendly followers within 2 tiles of the player will be treated as having been healed with a bandage, but with the following modifications:

  • Health restored is 50% of normal amounts when bandaging
  • Chance to cure poison is 50% of normal chance when bandaging
  • Chance to resurrect a dead follower is 50% of normal chance when bandaging