World Atlas

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The World Atlas - Travel the Outlands with ease
  • Each character begins with a Blessed/Newbiefied World Atlas in their backpack
  • Players may additionally buy normal (non-newbied) World Atlases from any Scribe, Mapmaker, Tavernkeeper, Innkeeper, or Provisioner
  • Players can view location entries on Major Townships, Minor Townships, Dungeons, Healer Caravans, Shrines, and Points of Interest
  • Players can select Begin Tracking to Location in the atlas to generate a persistant directional arrow on their screen that points the player to the destination they selected 

 While Tracking to Location, the player will be updated every 10 seconds with a system message informing them of how many steps they are away from their current destination

  • Players can click Show on World Map to show a map of the entire world with pins marking the player's current location and the destination
  • Players can click Show Local Map to show a zoomed out map of what the destination's immediate surroundings looks like

Understanding the World Atlas

On the left page are selectable Location Categories which include:

  • Major Townships
  • Minor Townships
  • Dungeons
  • Healer Caravans (i.e. Wandering Healers)
  • Shrines
  • Points of Interest

The right page lists all locations available in the world for the currently selected Location Category. Clicking the button next to a Location on the right page will launch the detail window for that Location. The detail window for a location contains information about the location such as:

  • Lat/Long: The latitude and longitude of the location, typically used for Treasure Maps
  • Coordinates: The standard-format X, Y coordinates of the location
  • Distance to Location: Calculated number of steps in distance from the player to the location
  • Direction to Location: Calculated direction from the player to the location

Each detail window also has several buttons the player may activate:

  • Begin Tracking to Location
  • Show on World Map
  • Show Local Map
  • Return

Clicking "Begin Tracking to Location" will place a persistent, constantly updating Arrow on the player's screen showing their relative direction to the destination. Players may Right-Click on the arrow to cancel it. While the player is currently Tracking to a Location, they will receive a system message every 10 seconds informing them of how many steps away they are from their current destination.

Clicking the "Show on World Map" button will launch a large-scale map showing the player's current location as Pin 1 and the Destination as Pin 2 with a line drawn between the pins indicating the path to the destination. Clicking the Show Local Map button will launch a moderate-sized map showing the immediate area surrounding the destination, with the destination marked as Pin 1.

Clicking the "Return" button will bring the Atlas Window back to the listing of locations available for the currently selected Location Category.