Horseshoe Bay

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Horseshoe Bay

The township of Horseshoe Bay began life as a small trading post, straddling both the land and sea routes between the cities of Prevalia and Cambria. With a natural deep sea harbor able to support the largest merchant ships, it quickly grew into a sizable town. The town is primarily constructed of timber and stone, worn with the years of continual coastal storms and tides.

Although remaining loyal to Prevalian kings even after the dissolution of the Empire, the people of Horseshoe Bay have always had an independent streak. This is in no small part down to the strong mercantile families that hold positions of influence in the town. The center of the Cambrian jewel trade is here, free from the taxes of the larger cities, alongside the largest independent shipwright in the land.

Geographically, Horseshoe Bay is bordered by a large peninsular swamp to the east, the approach to which is guarded by the imposing Aegis Keep. To the west stretch the Hollow Hills. The coast road that runs north and south out of the city is no longer the safe route it once was. The few merchant caravans that still approach the town come bristling with the weapons of the condottiere companies that guard them, whilst the majority of trade now travels by sea, where the might of the Prevalian fleet ensures safe passage.

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