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Founded in 348AC, in an effort to colonize the barren north, Andaria begins construction on a stony keep on a far Northeastern island and proclaimed it simply their “Outpost”, large enough only to house a small group of merchants and lodging for adventurers seeking comfort from the elements after long seafaring journeys.

Situated high atop sheer seaside cliffs and protected from the galeforce winds only by a swath of tall pines, Outpost provides strong military and naval advantage for the rising Andarian kingdom. Outpost is a large keep complex spanning several acres and protected by large stone walls. Beyond these great walls lies nothing but a massive expanse of snow and ice.

Much of the year is spent in complete darkness as the sun barely peeks over the horizon, and an immeasurable desolation envelopes the Keep. The waters surrounding the Island freeze solid for half of the year, essentially cutting the city off from the outside world. The sound of the great ice flows cracking whistles through the city like a whip. Only the bravest dare venture through the passage to the mainland, as the passage and the destination itself are both riddled with danger.

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