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Prevalia, the greatest city of Avadon, the unbreached fortress, the unconquered isle, seat of Kings-who-were-once-Emperors. The forefathers of modern Prevalians picked a magnificent location to found their new city, future capital of a continent spanning empire, and their heirs have defended it with military and political might.

Prevalia began its life as two cities, still identifiable today as upper and lower Prevalia. Situated in the heart of a mighty bay, atop great rocks that offer a commanding vista of the surrounding land and sea, the Prevalians planned meticulous, mighty fortifications. Initially constructed of wood, then replaced by the finest stone from the Westshore Quarry, these fortifications enabled the Prevalian forces to raid deep into the Outlands, expanding their empire, with an impregnable fortress ready to welcome them home. To this day, Prevalia remains unconquered by the forces of man or beast.

Prevalia is a fundamentally military city, and its architectural heritage reflects this, with buildings of an awe-inspiring scale rather than delicate beauty. Prevalian engineering might has also expanded far beyond the borders of the city itself, with the giant Pulma dam turning former swampland into the finest farming soil in Avadon, and the bridges spanning Prevalia bay perhaps the finest feat of engineering in the land.

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