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Ah, Terran, that lone bastion of civilization in the wild, western Outlands. The smell of saltwater and pine, the constant hum of axes and the buzzing of saws the only constants in this thriving town with a transitory population of woodsmen, laborers, adventurers and sailors.

Terran was founded by Admiral Calvarn of the Prevalian western fleet in 348AC. Initially established as a storage depot for his navy, Calvarn soon encouraged permanent settlers from Prevalia itself upon discovering the quality of the local pine. Nowadays, all other lumber is considered inferior to that which ships direct from Terran to Prevalia harbor.

Terran’s buildings are constructed from this fine lumber, and offer an imposing solidity to any traveler brave enough to approach the town gates from the landwards side. Approaching from the sea, a visitor is likely to be overcome with awe, marveling at the natural beauty of the wild, unspoiled coast on the northern approaches.

Life in Terran is far from easy, however. Surrounded on all sides by danger, with only the might of the Prevalian navy holding back the hordes of the Outlands. In 598, the Orcish fort of Buurz’Uzg was established not far from the city, and ever bolder Orcish raiding parties reach the outskirts of the town each campaigning season.

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