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Andaria sits equidistant to the two great northern plains, straddling two oceans. Although little remains of it today, the greatest city in the land once stood in this strategic location, dominating the globe as the capital of a vast, united empire - the fabled city of Britain.

Before the Cataclysm, the climate in northern Avadon was vastly different. Now the hardy Andarian’s must vie with soil of poor quality, the once magnificent northern plains locked beneath all-encompassing sheets of ice. Through necessity, the Andarian’s have become great seafarers, and the magnificent structures that dominate their city are testament to their work ethic and industry. Andaria is a city of great, martial structures, and the pinnacle of Andarian architectural talent is the majestic Hall of Magic, the greatest seat of learning in the land, and the home of the fabled Mages Guild.

Andaria is shielded from the eastern wastes by a great mountain range and extensive border fortifications, but even these are proving insufficient in holding back the hordes of the Outlands in recent times. The Andarian army, depleted from over a century of war, retreats besides fires in their fortifications, the haunted faces of the troops reflecting in the flames revealing the dark times in which we live.

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