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Skills - Animal Taming


The path of an Animal Tamer is a long, oft times frustrating one, but with the ability to control animals and monsters, becoming a Tamer is a lucrative profession if given the time and patience it needs to be raised and mastered.

  • To tame a creature requires both the Animal Taming and Animal Lore skills
    Skills - Animal Taming
  • The player must stand within 3 tiles of the creature to begin taming it
  • Within each 5 point skill range of Animal Taming skill (such as 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, etc) a player can passively gain up to 2.5 skill points of Animal Taming
  • Players earn passive Animal Taming skill gain by killing hostile creatures while using Tamed creatures, so long at least one of their pets has a minimum Taming Skill requirement value that lies within the player's current Taming Skill Range or the previous skill range
  • For instance, a player at 63.5 Animal Taming could gain up to 2.5 skill points while in the 60-65 Animal Taming skill range as long as they use at least one tamed creature that has a Taming requirement between 55-60 or 60-65.
  • The chance to passively gain Animal Taming skill is scaled based on the difficulty of the creature killed (i.e. killing a daemon has higher chance than killing a mongbat)

Tamables and their Locations


Shelter Island/New Player Dungeon


The Mausoleum



Darkmire Temple




Aegis Keep

Mount Petram