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  • There are 10 different Aspects (Air, Command, Earth, Eldritch, Fire, Lyric, Poison, Shadow, Water, Void)
  • Aspect Armor is crafted by players from any type of armor and weapon type (including leather, bone, etc)
  • Aspect Gear functions entirely as GM-level equipment while a player is in PvP (no unique effects or bonuses provided)
  • Aspect Gear is crafted as a Blessed item, but if a player dies while wearing Aspect Gear, it will be un-blessed for 24 hours
  • If Aspect Gear reaches 0 durability, it will not break but will have a penalty when equipped
  • Aspect Gear can be repaired like normal weapons/armor
  • Using colored materials increases the durability of the Aspect Gear

Crafting Aspect Gear

Several components are necessary to craft Aspect Gear. 

How to Craft Aspect Distillations

  • One (1) Aspect Extract
  • One (1) Empty Bottle
  • 100 Alchemy



How to Obtain Arcane Essence

  • Find magic weapons and armor
  • Use a crafting tool, click Recycle Item and target the magical item
  • You should have received Arcane Essence in your backpack
  • Can use any crafting tool on a magical item (smith's hammer to recycle a magical bow)
  • Can be done with zero skill


How to Craft Mastermarked Armor/Weapon

  • Must have 120 in a Crafting skill
  • Create an exceptional weapon or armor piece

Crafting and Using an Aspect Mould

  • Moulds are the primary tool used by players to create Aspect Gear. There are four types of Moulds:
    • Carpentry Mould: crafted by Carpenters and used to make any Carpentry-based Aspect Weapons/Armor
    • Smithing Mould: crafted by Blacksmiths and used to make Blacksmithy-based Aspect Weapons/Armor
    • Tailoring Mould: crafted by Tailors and used to make Tailoring-based Aspect Armor
    • Inscription Mould: crafted by Scribes and used to make Aspect Spellbooks
  • Requires at least 100 in a Crafting skill, one (1) Mastercrafting Diagram, and resources specific for the Mould needed
  • Upon creation, each Mould has six (6) "uses"
    • Crafting an Aspect Weapon or Spellbook requires all 6 uses
    • Crafting an individual Aspect Armor pieces requires only 1 (one) use per armor piece
  • Double-click the Mould and target the Mastermarked item you wish to convert into Aspect Gear
  • When you have all the necessary materials, click Create to consume them and create the new Aspect Gear item

Aspect Gear is Crafted... Now What?

  • Each new Aspect Gear item begins with 60 Arcane Charges
  • Aspect Gear will only provide it's unique bonuses while it has at least 1 or more Arcane Charges on it
  • Arcane Charges are lost from Aspect Gear when players deal damage to creatures while using it (the chance of durability loss is scaled with amount of damage inflicted)
  • Players must wear a full suit of one particular Aspect in order to gain the benefits and effects from it
  • The armor may be of different types (such as platemail legs combined with a leather chest), so long as all six armor pieces are a matching Aspect

Upgrading Aspect Gear

  • To be completed
  • Requires Aspect Cores which can be found as loot

Aspect Mastery

  • All players have a Tier Level for each Aspect ranging from 0 to 10, which determines their effectiveness when wearing Aspect Gear of that particular Aspect
  • Players earn experience for a particular Aspect by killing monsters while wearing Aspect Gear of that Aspect (provided that the Aspect Gear has Arcane Charges on it)
  • Each Aspect offers different types of unique bonuses and effects on weapons, armor, and spellbooks


Aspect Types





















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