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The great city of Cambria was founded approximately 140 After Cataclysm, in the ruins of the ancient city of Trinsic. Surrounded by tropical jungle, desert and wild untamed islands, atop a volcanic fault line with mines rich in precious gemstones, the Cambrians quickly accrued great wealth and established pre-eminence in the south of Avadon.

Today, the city is known for the beauty of its architecture, far more graceful and less martial in appearance than the northern cities. It is the hub for traders in the essential ingredients for spellcasting, and home to the many merchants, buccaneers and pirates who ply their trade across the eastern archipelago.

For one hundred and twenty years the Cambrians have been at perpetual war with their former rulers, the Prevalians. The city bears the scars of war and numerous sieges, and the north-eastern quarter of the city is submerged following nearby volcanic activity. The rule of law holds - just - but there is a real sense of decline and decay in the streets. Thieves operate openly outside the royal compound, and the monsters of the Outlands roam closer to the city walls than ever before.

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