Corpse Creek

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  • Corpse Creek is considered a Grey Zone (all players and creatures flag as grey to other players while in town). Visit at your own risk.
  • Murderers can freely use the bank and shops here.
  • The rivers are literally flowing with blood.


Corpse Creek

Corpse Creek sits in an easily defensible position within the heart of the western Outlands, astride the creek with which it shares a name. In appearance more a military camp and trading post than a town, Corpse Creek appears very much to be what it is, on the outskirts of civilization. The town was founded just over fifty years ago by Landau of the Dark Banner, also known as Landau the Dread, the most famous mercenary captain and military leader in the history of Avadon.

Today, Corpse Creek is known as a haven for bandits, mercenaries, outcasts, buccaneers, and those escaping misdeeds in the civilized lands. At the center of the town sits the Sanguine Inn, the place to hire a bounty hunter, mercenary band, trade in illicit substances, or engage in other activities deemed unacceptable in the civilized cities.

The Dark Banner, commanded by Landau’s son, Luka, still control the town and its surroundings. They enact a harsh rule of law and their own form of justice upon those who dare to break the so-called peace in this land of murderers. Corpse Creek is the last chance for many desperate men. Those that do not make it here have but one option left... descent into the Outlands.

City Updates

  • 12/08/18 - The map area around Corpse Creek has been overhauled to improve player movement traversing the area


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