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Much Appreciation and Thanks

Outlands received many generous contributions along the way, and for that we are grateful! We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this project without the support of the following people:

  • Admerylous: Map decoration, Pulma dungeon
  • Bathous: New monster animations
  • clx: Map, Consultation, Community, Support
  • Expo: Multimedia, Marketing, Wiki, Community, Support
  • Francis: Map (Crossroads)
  • Ivan Z: Map & Hues (Tasartir)
  • Jaedan: Orion, Assistant, Consultation
  • K.K.G.: In Loving Memory
  • Nolda & Team: Andaria Shard, Map, Art & Houses
  • Nyray: Paperdoll Art
  • Rubra: Paperdoll Art
  • Siebenwind: Paperdoll Art
  • Talow: Houses
  • Art, Texture Assets
  • Valorian: Art, Map
  • Vorspire: Patcher

In some instances, map assets were used from old or dead custom map projects. These include: Rel Por, Crossroads, Fallen Ashes, Khaeros, Mittlerde, and Tsaratir. In every instance, the assets were modified to suit Outlands or re-built entirely.

Every effort was made to contact the original authors where applicable, and all credit is given to them. Thank you to the builders before us for their generosity!

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