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With a new, beautifully detailed world, we did not want to see it succumb to becoming a littered with empty plots or warehouses and made the decision to disable AoS custom housing. But in its place, Owyn crafted over 150 different homes, inns, house boats, orc forts and more!

House List

You can see all the available designs, including the interiors, for sale in the Houses page.

  • Gold is used to purchase a House Deed from a Real Estate Vendor
  • House Deeds can be sold to a Real Estate Vendor for 90% its cost
  • When a House Deed is purchased, it is automatically deposited into the player's bank
  • House Deeds are blessed for 1 hour after purchase from a Real Estate Vendor
  • House Deeds are blessed for 1 hour after demolishing an existing house and receiving a House Deed in your backpack

House Boats

  • Doubloons are needed to purchase a House Boat
  • House Boats can only be placed at specific docks
  • House Boats do NOT move
  • House Boats can NOT be sunk by enemy ship cannons
  • There are 65 total House Boat locations in the world

Housing Market Window

  • Visit a Real Estate Broker to open the Housing Market menu
  • Players can preview the house by clicking the Wiki button (will open a web browser)
  • Players can purchase House Deeds, see Existing Houses for Sale and even sell back a House Deed
  • House Deeds sold to the Real Estate Broker are worth 90% of the deed price


Home Surveying Tool

  • Players can purchase the Home Surveying Tool from an Architect NPC for 500 Gold to scout for home locations
  • Players can see the cost, size, number of floors and amount of secures for each house
  • Players may also click the Wiki button to open a browser and view the interior of a house
  • Double click the Home Surveying Tool and target a spot to see if it is valid placement
  • Placement can be checked with the Placement Legend
    • Green - Valid Tile
    • Orange - Bad Land Tile
    • Black - Bad Region Tile
    • Red - Bad Static Tile
    • Yellow - No Surface Tile
    • Purple - Existing House Tile


House Menu and Signs

Many functions of a house can be accessed by double-clicking the House Sign. Depending on if you own a Private or Public home, you will have different options available within the House Sign menu.



  • Condition
  • Access Setting
  • Secure Containers
  • Locked Down Items
  • Add Friend
  • Add Co-Owner
  • Kick Individual
  • Ban Individual


  • View Vendors/Shop Names
  • Gold Cost Per Day
  • Gold Held
  • Contract Renewal Duration


  • Treat all in Guild as Friends
  • Treat all in Guild as Co-Owners
  • Clear Entire Friends List
  • View Friends, Co-Owners and Banned Lists
  • Click to Remove Player From List


  • Mount Breeding
  • House Pets


  • Rename House
  • Display Owner Name to Public
  • Display Guild to Public
  • Transfer Ownership of House
  • Demolish House and Receive House Deed
  • Place House for Sale
  • Declare This House to be Public
  • Change House Keys
  • Reset Secure Container and Door Access Levels

House Commands

  • I wish to lock this down
  • I wish to release this
  • I wish to secure this
  • Remove thyself
  • I ban thee
  • I wish to place a trash barrel

Interior Decorator

  • Can be purchased from an Architect NPC for 500 Gold
  • Can be used to Rotate, Raise, Lower, Lockdown and Release items in your home


Crafting Manuals and House Addons

  • Most crafted House Addons no longer require two separate skills to craft, and instead now require one or more Crafting Manuals as ingredients for construction
  • Crafting Manuals come in a variety of skills and require 100 Skill in that respective skill to craft (i.e. a player with 100 Carpentry can create a Carpentry Crafting Manual)
  • Crafting Manuals require 1 Mastercrafting Diagram as an ingredient to craft


Craftable House Addons:


  • Small Forge Deed
  • Anvil (East/South) Deed
  • Large Forge (East/South) Deed


  • Flour Mill (East/South) Deed
  • Stone Oven (East/South) Deed


  • Abbatoir Deed
  • Pentagram Deed


  • Dressform
  • Spinning Wheel (East/South) Deed
  • Small Bed (East/South) Deed
  • Loom (East/South) Deed
  • Large Bed (East/South) Deed


  • Training Dummy (East/South) Deed
  • Pickpocket Dip (East/South) Deed

House Decay and IDOCs

  • IDOC stands for "In Danger of Collapsing"
  • Players can check the status of a house's decay by single clicking the house sign
  • It takes 45 days of a house not being refreshed for it to go into IDOC

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