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Partake in the fantastical [http://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/the-kings-faire-august-10-25-opening-ceremony-on-saturday-august-10th-at-2pm-est.2361/#post-14400 King's Faire event]!
<center>Partake in the fantastical [http://forums.uooutlands.com/index.php?threads/the-kings-faire-august-10-25-opening-ceremony-on-saturday-august-10th-at-2pm-est.2361/#post-14400 King's Faire event]!</center>

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Welcome to the official wiki of UOOutlands, a truly one of a kind (free) Ultima Online shard. Contained within these pages are many spoilers so tread carefully. As content is constantly being created, some information you find here may be outdated. If so, send a message to Staff in Discord and we'll take a look at it. We appreciate and thank you for your interest in Outlands! We aim to bring a truly unique and memorable shard for years to come!

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  • Watch Videos on the many features you will find in the Outlands
  • Log into our Discord and chat with the Developers and community

Interested in updating the Wiki? Click Create Account, sign up, and then send Expo a message in-game, on the Forums or Discord! If you would like to support the shard further, you can donate and receive Prevalia Coins!

Partake in the fantastical King's Faire event!

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