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Players can tame, purchase and earn many different mounts throughout the world. They can only be used in the Overworld (more specifics on that later) but not within Dungeons. This will make the world easier to transverse while also allowing the more dangerous places to be mount-free. 

When a player is currently riding a mount, that mount's effective Control Slots is reduced to 0, meaning a player riding a mount may still have 5 control slots worth of tamed creatures at their command. If a player dismounts, and then exceeds their control slot limit, they will not be able to command any of their tamed creatures until they remount their mount or release one of their followers and are at 5 or lower control slots.

  • Players who are riding mounts and enter a Mount-Restricted area (such as a Dungeon or a Mountless Faction Struggle zone) will automatically have their mount "stashed away" and will be dismounted.
  • When a player exits a Mount-Restricted area (while alive) they will automatically re-mount any mounts they had stashed away.
  • If a player dies in a Mount-Restricted area, they will remount their stashed mount the next time they are alive and within a mount-allowed area (the player simply needs to walk 1 step to remount)

Mount Tokens

  • Players will have the ability to acquire blessed Mount Tokens which are used to summon a unique mount (has no combat ability however)
  • Players double-click Mount Tokens in their backpack in order to summon their mount and will immediately ride it (following normal restrictions for mounts)
  • Players may only activate a Mount Token once per 30 seconds
  • Players may double-click themselves or the Mount Token in their backpack to dismiss their current mount
  • Players riding a summoned mount who enter a Mount-Restricted area (such as a Dungeon or Mountless Faction Struggle Zone) will automatically dismiss their mount

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