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What is Ultima Online without the constant fear of death and dismemberment? Outlands is no exception. If you want to be what other players fear, nobody will stop you except potentially other players. Should you kill enough innocent players to receive 5 murder counts, you will become 'red' and a murderer.

Committing Murder

  • After killing a blue player, all killers involved will have the Heat of Battle mechanic activated (which prevents Recall, Gate, Moongate, or Hiking usage) for the next (2 Minutes * Number of Killers)
  • If a player chooses to report a killer for murder, the killer will receive 1 Short Term and 1 Long Term Murder Count
  • However, if there was more than 1 killer involved in the murder, there is a (10% * Players Beyond the First) chance for the murder to instead result in 2 Short Terms and 2 Long Term Murder Counts received
  • Players now have 24 hours to report a murder after it occurs (previously was 48 hours)

Murder Count Decay

  • Both Short Term and Long Term murder counts now decay every 72 hours (provided the player does not commit a murder in that time)

Murderers Resurrecting

  • When a player with 5 or More Short Term Murder Counts dies they will be responsible for paying Resurrection Fees when they attempt to resurrect
  • Murderers who die while participating in a Faction Struggle, in a duel or tournament in the Arena, or while on a ship are not subject to resurrection fees

Resurrection Fees and Penalties are as follows:

  • 225 Gold for every Short Term Murder Count above 5 the player has
  • 25 Gold for every Long Term Murder Count the player has
  • An Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction is placed upon the account that prevents any character on the account from conducting hostile actions (attacking, looting, stealing) against blue players for 1 hour for every 50 Long Term Counts the player has
  • For example, a 1 hour restriction would be placed at 1-49 Long Term Counts, a 2 hour restriction would be placed for 50-99 Long Term Counts, and so on
  • Gold used to pay Resurrection Fees will first come from the player's Bank Account, and if that is insufficient, will come from the banks of other characters on their account
  • Short Term Counts are then reset to 5 after resurrection

Additional Option: Repent

  • When players pay Resurrection Fees when resurrecting as a murderer, they have an additional option to Repent
  • If the player toggles the Repent option, after they pay their Resurrection Fees and are resurrected, their Long Term Murder counts will then be reduced to 0
  • Additionally, an Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction of 72 hours is placed on the account
  • Players are not allowed to select the Repent option if ANY account associated with their IP Address currently has an Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction already currently in place
  • Whenever a player Repents on resurrection, a server notification goes out to all players that that player has done so

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