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Outlands has a custom Status Window that shows a lot of important information. To open it, press Alt+S or open your Paperdoll (Alt+P) and then click Status.

In addition to the standard statistics, aka stats, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, you will find the following features embedded in the Status gump:

  • Follower Count - Indicated with a horse graphic and fraction showing current control slots in use over maximum control slots available
  • Armor Level - Indicated with a shield graphic, this shows the total AR of all currently worn armor or AR buff effects
  • Weight - Indicated with a weight graphic, this shows the current inventory weight over the maximum carry weight
  • Hunger Buff Timer - Indicated with a ham graphic and hourglass, this timer represents your remaining time Food Satisfaction effect. See Cooking for more details
  • Murder Counts - Indicated with a severed head graphic, this shows how many murder counts your character has currently
  • Base Damage Range - Indicated with a sword graphic, this shows the base damage range of your currently equipped weapon (or fists if none)
  • Gold - Indicated with a pile of gold coins, this is the current amount of gold carried in your inventory
  • Criminal Flag Timer - Indicated with a red hand and hourglass, this timer will start a 120s countdown when you commit a crime. You will be flagged grey for the duration and the timer resets with every subsequent criminal action
  • Murder Count Decay Timer - Indicated with a severed head and an hourglass graphic, this timer shows how many hours remain to decay your current Murder Counts (72 hours per count)
  • PvP Combat Timer - Indicated with an axe graphic, this timer counts down from 120s from the last time you engaged in combat with another player
  • Bandage Timer - Indicated with a bandage graphic, this timer counts down the remaining time for application of a bandage based on your current dexterity.