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Many mechanics and activities within the Outlands are tracked and shown on the Server Rankings page. Rankings are updated hourly and a player can click the "Show My Ranking" button to jump to the page that they are on for an individual ranking category.

Determining Event Scores

  • We have implemented a new Event system that tracks player progress during events as well as tracks a Lifetime Event Score for players
  • Each individual event will have their own specific scoring and ranking system unique to the event (such as ranking players based on Largest Fish Caught for a fishing event)
  • Players will also earn points towards their Lifetime Event Score based on how they perform at an individual event relative to other players (by ranking)
  • Events will be classified as either Major or Minor events, and have a maximum possible Lifetime Event Score of 1000 points or 500 respectively earnable by players
  • For instance, a player who ranks 1st out of 100 players at a Major Event will boost their Lifetime Event Score by 1000 Points, whereas a player who ranks 25th out of 100 players will earn 750 Lifetime Points (75% * 1000 = 750 points)
  • Players can type [eventscore to see how they and other players are doing score/rankingwise for events and see their estimated Lifetime Event Score Points they'll earn (based on their current rank)
  • Players can also navigate and view past events from the Event Score gump window
  • Players can view their Lifetime Event Score on the Server Rankings page (Paperdoll -> Help -> Server Ranking) or [serverrank


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